Saturday, December 10, 2011

Don't Run From It

I have been jonesing to swim but when my designated swimming days came around, I couldn't bear to go out in the cold then get into a cold pool but today it was in the 40's and I was determined to go.

It was nice and humid inside and the water actually had a smidgen of warmth. I played with a baby and talked to Chatty Kathleen but still managed to get in 24 laps when Bob Harper kicked in...stand up and finish what you started.

I got in 33 laps and it wasn't as taxing as my previous pursuits of a mile. I won't say that it was easy because my arms were aching since I did Jackie Warner's Personal Training with Jackie: 30 Day Fast Start* yesterday.

I chased the burn or maybe the burn chased me.

How my arms got sore:

Pyramid One:

Push-up and Bicep Routine (i.e. one push-up, one biceps curl...two push-ups + two curls...repeat until you get to ten.)

Pyramid Two:

Chest Press and Biceps Curl

Pyramid Three:

Chest Fly and Outward Biceps Curl

Pyramid Four:

Row and Head Banger

Pyramid Five:

Wide Row and Kickback

Pyramid Six:

Side Extension & Kickback

Right around pyramid four, Warner advises you to chase the burn instead of running away from it. By the fifth pyramid session, my arms were on fire and I couldn't finish pyramid six.

I did the lower body segment last Sunday and my hamstring muscles were so tight that I couldn't straighten my legs in yoga class. I took a salt bath and the next day, in true pyramid fashion, my quadriceps got in on the soreness.

*Disclosure: I received this video without charge.

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