Monday, December 26, 2011

You Should Be Your Tallest Self

Got to experience another teacher besides Jeremy and she (Cindy, I think) was a tad bit less intense.

This is my third Hot Yoga outing and, while I still sweat, my body is not the rainforest that it was on the first try.

Here's a sampling of the coaching that went on:

Just melt.
There was no pun intended by the instructor and, really, after bow pose, you really do want to melt into the mat.

During the decoy savasana, we were told:

Eyes open. I'll tell you when to close your eyes.

After our brief savasana, we went into plank and that was intense. Crystal implored us to stay there though.

This is 60 seconds out of a 90 minute class...

As we held a rather intense chair pose and rose but only lifting our upper bodies off of our knees.

Leave your lower body where it's at.

During tree pose, we were told -- knee to the side, crown reaching toward the ceiling and shoulder back:

You should be your tallest self...
I did feel pretty tall and majestic in my alignment.

After class, Patti said We're thinking about going climbing this afternoon. After I closed my mouth, I said: Let me know...

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