Monday, December 19, 2011


Eight of us rendezvoused for rock climbing and it was fun playing musical climbing partners. When Jessica and I climbed together, I asked her if she knew how to do Eagle Pose and she quickly put her arms and legs together. As I tried it, I made a comment about my shoulders and Jessica added, and I'm paraphrasing, that I had something else sticking out that prevented me from doing Eagle. I laughed because I hadn't thought of that.

I also asked Jessica about flip turns because I think it's about time. She suggested that I practice somersaults on land and that I remember to breathe once I actually start practicing in water.

After we've climbed for a while, we usually ask one another how many routes we have left in us.

Me: I'm done.

Patti: I don't see your fork.

Me: It's in my forkarm.
When I repeated this joke to Leah and Mike, it was like someone hit the instant replay button. Their faces slowly crumpled upon hearing the punchline. Patti got in on the joking too.

Jessica: I'm going to change.

Patti (while slipping her arm around Jessica): Don't change. You're lovely the way you are.

Me: Don't go try to please me...
As we were leaving, we exchanged holiday greetings. Leah was trying to spare me a sweaty shirt when I pulled her in and said Have yourself a sweaty little Christmas.

And, now, I can't get this song out of my head...

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