Friday, December 2, 2011

Sexxi Drea or Best of the Blogger Stats

Every now and then, the Blogger stats make me laugh. A sampling of recent searches that brought people to my blog:

  • wild drea

  • bully t shirt

  • drea hard

  • i'm to tense when swimming front crawl

  • blogspot old lady sexy

  • black boulderers

  • sexxi drea

  • i'm a tart t-shirt

  • "peed on jessica"

  • how can i motivate myself to get rid of my clutter

  • *Indeed, how can I motivate myself to get rid of clutter?

    These shoes are toast. The toe box has a little window and the rand is coming apart. I climbed in them for almost two years and I've gotten my money's worth. They smell and they're dirty so why can't I part with them?

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