Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Gospel According to Hazira, The 'Fugee (Special Birthday Edition)

Do not become friends with a refugee if you know what's good for you. Besides the fact that they will make Borat-like pronouncements, the wants and needs of a 'fugee are endless. Despite my admonishment, Hazira is my friend and what follows below is her gospel:

  • You were so furious then you got in touch with your better self...

  • None of my relationships are so easily destroyed.

  • I think when we are spontaneous, we are at our most human.

  • Obama is such an example of positive psychology.

  • I felt safe the moment that I met you but I also sensed that you could be a tough character.

  • You know what energizes me? Nice people energize me...

  • Keepittogetherkeepittogetherkeepittogether.

  • In my country, we don't have to call before stopping over at someone's house.

  • Me: I just have one more thing to do -- get my battery checked out.

    Hazira: If you go and get it checked out then you're going to need a new battery.

  • After demonstrating my new self-massage skills...

    Hazira: Tapping. Okay, drumming...

  • I feel so relaxed just watching this show (In Treatment).

  • Nobody gives me credit...

  • Do I get recognition for that?

  • I'm going to reflect on that later.

  • Once you are a refugee, you're always a refugee.

  • Happy Birthday Bosanski Scalawag!


    1. happy birthday to Hazira!! I think you have a lifelong friend right there :)
      I'm the same as her....when i have meaningful relationships, they are VERY hard to destroy.

    2. Heather,

      Thanks for the b-day wishes for Hazira.

      Re: the lifelong thing, you mean that we're stuck with each other? ;)

      Also, that's cool that you have the same philosophy about meaningful relationships.