Friday, September 30, 2011

Just Getting Started or Month-End Review, September

To borrow a turn of phrase from my yoga teacher, goodbye to National Yoga Month but not to yoga. In fact, I think that I'm just getting started with yoga. I have, however, almost said goodbye to bicycling. Gotta remedy that...

10 Minute Solution: Fitness Ball Workouts

  • Arms and Shoulders, 1 x

  • 10 Minute Solution: Tone Trouble Zones!

  • Sleek and Sexy Abs, 1 x

  • Bicycling, 1 x

    BodyGo Row Class @ CrossFit, 2 x's

    Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training

  • 15-Minute Upper Body Circuit, 3 x's

  • Rock Climbing, 6 x's

    Climb So Ill, a new gym coming to town, Open House

    The Open House Sky

    Arch from Open House

    , 8 x's

    Treadmill, 1 x

    Walking, 12 x's

    Yoga, 5 x's

    Legs As Far Apart As Possible...Rest Head on Hands...If Possible...Always Makes Me Quiver

    What was your go-to activity or what made you quiver this month???

    Wednesday, September 28, 2011

    Just Row

    It's been a week since I went to BodyGo Row and I was biting my nails about whether or not to attend. Hours passed, crickets chirped and I still hadn't signed up. I tried to figure out what intimidates me. Do I fear that I'll be worked out to death??? Maybe I should stop watching the videos about the CrossFit games which seem a bit otherworldly.

    I paused for the cause and talked to one of my friends at work while I contemplated going to BodyGo Row or doing something else. My friend wants to get back into yoga but feels like she needs to lose weight before even attempting it. I went into cheerleader mode.

    And as I listened to myself cheerleading, I decided right then and there to sign up for BodyGo Row. I can't ask someone else to be courageous and then not follow my own advice.

    Speaking of yoga, I slept beautifully last night. So soundly. Here are conclusions that I must draw.

    Acupuncture = beautiful sleep
    Yoga = beautiful sleep
    I arrive at the CrossFit box and Laurie's like You came back.

    Me: I'm a glutton for punishment.
    We warm up, do a few squats then Laurie writes the workout on the board.

  • Row for 1:30

  • Eight Russian Step-Ups

  • Eight Pull-Ups with Rings

  • Repeat...

  • Row for 1:30

  • Eight Russian Step-Ups

  • Eight Pull-Ups with Rings

  • Repeat, repeat...

    After we finish that series, we do an eight minute set of:

  • Row for 1:00

  • 10 Wall Ball Sit-Ups, 10 lbs (I went for the eight ball but Laurie had other ideas...)

  • Row for 1:00

  • 10 Wall Ball Sit-Ups

  • Row for 1:00

  • 10 Wall Ball Sit-Ups

  • Row for 1:00

  • 10 Wall Ball Sit-Ups

  • The Wall Ball Sit-Ups got to me on minute seven and I didn't get in my last minute of rowing but I fought the good fight. I was better at unstrapping myself (from rower) and heading to the next task. Overall, I felt less clumsy.

    Rowing Tally for Sept. 28th: 2245 meters

    Note: We didn't stand up for our wall ball sit-ups.

    Monday, September 26, 2011

    The Lone Yoga Mat

    Got home, ate a few pieces of apple while reading The Sleeping Doll and waited for 5:45 to roll around before I headed out to try this yoga class. Because of National Yoga Month, I got a pass to attend a class nearby.

    As I headed to the studio, this stunned guy asked They have yoga around here?

    Yes, I tell him, just a couple of doors down. He inquires about price etc. and I walk a few feet to see that the blinds are closed and the lights are off even though I'm staring face-to-face with a flyer that says All-Levels Yoga (Monday at 6). There's a lone yoga mat and block on the floor. Maybe there's a secret side entrance. I check but there's just an alley. In the meantime, I stand in the doorway with a yoga mat across my back.

    I decided not to wait around. When I get home, I go to the studios' website to get the owner's email address and, just as I'm about to hit send, I see that most of the yoga classes have been canceled until November but there was no cancellation notice earlier in the day.

    I'm not having very good luck with this studio. I decided to go to Community Yoga which they hold a couple of Sundays a month and, when I attempted to go, the teacher got the times mixed up.

    Maybe I should have told that guy that No, they don't do yoga around here.

    It sucked to try and regroup and get reenergized for exercise when I could have taken care of that immediately after work.

    So, yeah, there's a cooperative bakery and an eye-catching mural but no regular yoga classes around there.

    The Mural

    Saturday, September 24, 2011

    The Water Will Welcome You

  • 3+...The number of minutes it took me to descend the ladder into the hellishly cold pool water.

  • 2...Number of minutes it took me to submerge my head into same chilly water.

  • 1...Amount of laps that I got in before Chatty Kathleen arrived.

  • 1/2...Lap that I got in before an almost full-scale wardrobe malfunction.

  • At one point, Kathleen and I were down in the deep end. She wanted to know if I could just hang out without treading and, truth be told, I don't spend much time treading water. I just go from one end to the other when I'm not making wardrobe adjustments.

    Kathleen demonstrated how to keep one's head above water without moving a limb.

    It's about balance and, once you relax, the water will welcome you and hold you up
    , she said.

    My swimming suit provided the aggravation for today and don't think that I haven't tried to secure a back-up swimsuit. I'm getting ready to send suit number two back to Swim Outlet.

    Second Attempt to Get Back-Up Suit

    It's really weird. I feel like my collar bone is disappearing again and that I've chunked up and, yet, the upper part of my swimming suit is out of sorts. The material looks like it's in good shape but who knows. In addition, a pair of pants that I bought three years ago still fits comfortably; so, I should just chill out.

    Remember how I said that I had virtually no wants for my birthday? Well, I have been looking for a lightweight jacket for this time of year. I've also wanted a personal shopper. Be careful what you ask for. I was accompanied by two pretty good shoppers but one, Asmira, is like the undisputed heavyweight champion of bargain shopping. She found so many jackets for me; I chose two and refused to look at anymore because having more decisions would only cause me to bite my fingernails. Asmira also found a $5.50 workout top. You can never have too many workout tops, right?

    I just might need my personal shopper to venture into the aquatics department as well.

    I've really enjoyed this swimsuit. Hope that I'll be able to find another like it.

    Friday, September 23, 2011

    I'm One of Those People or (More) Gospel According to Melinda Frances

    I'm not sure that this post is appropriate now that Melinda has her own blog. Nevertheless, here's the gospel and I hope we all get to do some fun stuff soon.

  • I think I was meant to work in a bar and not an office.

  • People who don’t trust me get on my nerves – especially when I'm bartending.

  • No, William. I'd marry Harry too or Charles... I think I'd make a really good princess.

  • I just need to confirm that it (engagement ring) looks amazing on me.

  • People underestimate my laziness. I don't mind doing stuff as long as it's fun.

  • When I'm in a bad mood, I have no self-control.

  • People can be secretly scary. I'm one of those people.

  • Just because you're on a diet doesn't mean you can't look at the menu.

  • Her vagina (the Duggars mother) is like a water slide.

    After my confession that I had watched an episode of 19 Kids and Counting.

  • I was in love with this Turkish guy for one day. I loved him and he loved me.
  • Wednesday, September 21, 2011

    Another Day, Another Wound

    Saw a new BodyGo Row evening class at CrossFit. The description said that it was rowing mixed with kettlebells and lunges. Perhaps a kinder and gentler way to get back into CrossFit...

    Had my eyes on BodyGo Row for days and finally signed up for the class this morning. I was nervous as all get out on the way there. It was a small group so that made me feel better until the board was explained.

    Five... three minute intervals:

    15 Kettlebell Swings (25 lbs)
    5 Toes to Bar
    5 Shoot-Throughs

    After finishing with the KBs, T2Bs and Push-Throughs, the remainder of the time in each interval was spent rowing.

    Thanks to the woman who let me have the higher situations for the Push-Throughs because it made the maneuver easier...

    At some point in the program, Laurie (instructor) saw that I was struggling and suggested that I go from kettlebell swings to rowing. It wasn't like I was getting my toes to the bar anyway. As I was working on the intervals, I thought "My God, I need to get in shape just to do CrossFit," a shocking thought when you feel like you're in shape.

    After the interval series, we did The Farmer's Walk around the building. I had a 30 pound kettlebell in each hand and I kinda like The Farmer's Walk. We had to hop up on the deck to get back in and that's when my leg hit a bolt. I knew it was there but I was so intent on hopping on the deck that I got beside myself.

    Deck Souvenir

    After my first attempt, Laurie was like It's like getting out of the pool then You can go through the door. I was like no thanks but I thought hell naw. Did she think a bolt to the leg would deter me? I hopped up on the deck, picked up my kettlebells, strapped my feet in and started rowing again.

    I asked the woman that was in class how long she's been doing CrossFit. She's been at it for two months and goes about five times a week. Maybe it really is in the brain.

    At one point, we noted our calorie burn for one interval. I burned 36 calories and, as Laurie said, That was a lot of work for 36 calories. And the guy next to me said: Yeah, like six M and M's.

    Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    Possible Earth and Fire Issue

    It's been seven months since I've gone to the acupuncturist to boost my immune system for something wicked that I picked up in February; I hope to never experience that situation again. On the plus side, whatever Bryan did in February worked really well...

    Bryan wants to know what's going on. I tell him that there is weirdness along the right side of my body that includes a shoulder, elbow and knee tweak in addition to a right toe that throbbed for 1.5 days.

    Bryan wants to know where on the shoulder, elbow, knee and which toe.

    He thinks it might be an earth and fire issue.

    Bryan: But thank goodness you don't have an Earth, Wind and Fire issue.

    Me: (Laughing at his corny joke)
    Bryan starts tapping the needles in on my left arm then goes off to consult his book. He wants to shift focus, takes one of the needles out and puts it on another point. He also lets me know that I require needles in sensitive areas i.e. it's gonna sting a bit. Why do I always require needles in sensitive zones?

    Another needle is in the top of my middle finger -- felt that one

    Bryan tells me his reasoning behind the placement of needles but I'm mostly fascinated by and he is completely giddy that he has balanced the meridian points against themselves and balanced them seasonally...

    Went to yoga and I have to say that I'm really digging the Happy Baby Pose and thinking that Forward Bend Pose would work for Hazira since it's good for insomnia etc.

    Sometimes my yoga teacher is really in the mood to impart his wisdom and he talked about how some people just do high impact exercise and, if you chose that route, sooner or later, you'll probably end up in the hospital. On the other side, he said some people might do yoga all the time which would make them really low-key, a state that he's not opposed to but...

    It was a nice class with 10 people in attendance and five on each side of the room. The only uncool part happened when this woman, who hadn't been there in a while, walked on my mat with her bare feet...

    I kind of wanted to go swimming tonight but I've been on the move just about all day. I decided to listen to my yoga teacher's usual end of class advice: take a moment to enjoy the benefits of the practice.

    So, that's what I'm doing right now -- taking a moment.

    Sunday, September 18, 2011

    Sunday Morning Body Yawning

    To celebrate my birthday and National Yoga Month, I decided to participate in Yoga Within the Confluence but outdoor yoga and rain don't mix.

    My "treadmill/elliptical trainer" gym membership had been frozen up until three days ago so I looked around at the group classes and spotted a Sunday morning class that didn't have any adjectives like intermediate or power.

    As I was checking in, I saw this woman heading toward the counter. I knew, without a doubt, that she was the yoga teacher. She had it written all over her.

    I thought attendance might be low because of the rain but the class was so full that I almost left. I had to also tell myself that being near the door did not give me a reason to tip out. I remembered this FitSugar article that said: no one is paying attention to you -- everybody's concentrating on their own practice.

    Did I mention that it's unnerving being in a new class with about fifty plus folks?

    We warmed up with two-hand "drumming" which was kind of cool because the sound of applause was loud and choreographed as we drummed our legs. We moved on to rubbing our hands together then placed our warm hands over our eyes and stayed that way for several minutes which was very relaxing.

    Planks and downward facing dog had sweat rolling down my face. I never knew that sun salutations were so much work.

    At some point in the program, people were doing shoulder stands and back bends but I stayed at ease.

    Before savasana, we reached our arms overhead and Gloria said that it was like a yawn for your body and it did feel that way. I guess there was enough room in the class for me seeing that I had space for a body yawn...

    I thought about what I wanted for my birthday and I didn't have much on the list. Kind of nice not to have too many wants. I did buy these Nike about a week ago but not with my birthday in mind but more as a back-up pair of shoes.

    How do you know when you need a new pair of shoes? When you start sliding across the floor in a cardio class or when your feet are sliding while you're on top of a stability ball trying to do strength training.

    Love the tag on here:

    When you need to cut. Explode. Jump. Plant. Move. Sprint. Push. Run. Train...

    Yeah, Nike, I plan to continue doing all of that and because I've been doing "all of that," this birthday finds me feeling very good. It's been a rainy day but not dampened.

    Thanks everyone for the presents and well-wishes.

    Friday, September 16, 2011

    Just Bounce It

    Looking for something to do this afternoon? What about ab work? I used to avoid ab work but, now, I embrace it and since I do it more often, it doesn't hurt as much seem like such an onerous task.

    I tried out Best Belly Blasters, a compilation of previous 10 Minute Solution DVDs, and made a few notes along the way.

  • Six Pack Ab Attack

  • Boot Camp like...

    For instance, after getting into an elbow plank, you then have to crawl through the mud during said elbow plank.

    The segment was tough and I had to modify certain tasks but I liked it.

  • Waist Slimmer

  • Felt like I should have earned a spot in a Cirque du Soleil production attempting some of the moves in this one. And, if you don't know it, I reallyreallyreally like Cirque du Soleil but who doesn't?

    And, by the way, I so want to do what this woman is doing.

    If I were in Seattle, I'd take a class. Please also note that clipping articles and saving them for a year is also how one becomes a mini-hoarder...

  • Belly Fat Burner

  • This segment left me with one question: Plank Bounce...Really?

    You know me -- I felt the plank bounce and did it anyway.

  • Dancer's Abs

  • I'm not a huge dancer but it's nice to do something different even though I felt coordination challenged which is always ironic because I don't think that I'm uncoordinated -- maybe I'm just not graceful. I suspect that a lot of people will like this segment for the belly dance/Bollywood-like portion of the program.

  • Pilates Perfect Abs

  • Love the overall exercise in body control and the breathing and barefootedness of it all reminds me of yoga.

  • Bikini Belly

  • No mat but choreography required for this segment. You'll also get your cardio groove in during this one.

    Wednesday, September 14, 2011

    Turkey and Spit Sandwich or Overheard...

    I spent nearly two hours in traffic court. Since the judge went in alphabetical order, I was the last one on the regular docket. A big up, though, to the law firm who told me to go to court for one ticket and ask for a continuance on the other one. I keep thinking about what I could have spent traffic ticket money on but it's too late for that. Here's what I overheard in court...

  • Please tell me that you didn't drive here...They're always in the car, aren't they?

    The judge to a woman with a suspended license who said that her brother had driven her and was waiting in the car.

  • Don't do that.

    The judge to a 19-year-old who was putting his new court date in his Blackberry but after the judge warned everyone to turn cell phones off.

  • I can't be anymore magnanimous than that.

    The judge telling a man that if he produced certain papers his fine and points would be reduced.

  • Judge: Where do you work?

    Offender: On The Hill.

    Judge: Can I still eat there?

    Offender: Yes.

    Judge: And get a turkey and spit sandwich...

  • I didn't run into it. The truck did.

    A woman without insurance whose car somehow moved from parked position.

  • I need to see proof of insurance -- six months -- no Rodney D. Young-30-day- insurance.

    The judge

  • That's my anniversary date. I've been married for 37 years; those were six of the best years of my life...


  • Offender: I'm guilty. I did it.

    Judge: So, there's no need to shine the bright lights in your eyes?

  • We already sent you to driving school. What's wrong with this picture?


  • It was amended to littering.

    The judge to the court clerk on an offender's charge been reduced from points.

  • You're going to be in tall cotton...

    The judge to an offender who had racked up over $700 in fines. If he produces certain documents, his fines and points will be reduced.

  • My six months of French paid off.

    The judge re: his flawless pronunciation of an offender's name.

  • The representatives from the driving school are sitting out there near the...


  • If you've never been on time for anything, trust me: you want to be on time for driving school. They lock the doors when class starts.


  • Judge: How do you plead?

    Offender: Guilty with an explanation. My speedometer was broken.

    Judge: The o...l...d broken speedometer defense. Even the bailiff thought that was funny and he's not easily amused... You know that you're responsible for the repair of your car?

  • Although she didn't show, Gladys Knight was on the docket. You know the judge couldn't resist making references after he called her name...

    Monday, September 12, 2011

    Thinking of Klondike Bars

    When I think of weight loss, I think of Klondike bars although I haven't had one in ages.

    It's the catchy slogan: What would you do for a Klondike bar? that makes me think about weight loss. I sometimes think that I would do just about anything to lose more weight but, in the end, I don't mean it because, otherwise, I wouldn't still eat as much processed food as I do and I would also exercise more.

    My cousin asked me if I had finished reading the primer YOU Losing Weight and I gave her a short breakdown. I was like, you know, the usual: exercise for, at least, 30 minutes a day; no fried foods; watch out for fake-out foods, no soda, drink plenty of water -- yadda yadda yadda.

    Still, I like to be reminded and I like the way that Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz's books are written.

    Here are some of the reminders that grabbed my attention:

    The front of the package isn’t even as revealing as the outside of a new car. It might look seductive, but you really have to check what’s under the hood to see what it’s all about. The ingredient list is where all the answers are. (16-17)

    Is it still possible than I can get faked out by "100 percent wheat," "good source" and "supports heart health?"
    Some fake-out words you should watch out for...(19)

    Plus, the more pliable and loose you are, the less you’re affected when you fall or get into accidents. (37)

    The doctors on the importance of finding time to exercise:

    Now, we know you’re busy. We know you’re juggling more balls than a twelve-armed clown... (59)

    Thanks, doctors, for reinforcing the importance of regular massage -- as if I needed more incentive, haha.
    Evidence shows that increased amounts of oxytocin may decrease blood pressure and lower the effects of stress and control your appetite. If nothing else, it’s a darn good reason to schedule a weekly massage. (72)

    Like this honor society concept.
    Go food shopping: Your current kitchen is most likely a prison – it’s filled with a lot of bad dudes. We want to turn your kitchen into a nutritional honor society…(85)

    My kitchen, by the way, is more like a halfway house...

    Saturday, September 10, 2011

    1650 Yards

    As I got up this morning, I realized that there was nothing that I had to do. I have had to put air in my front tire of couple of times recently and, for once, I followed my first mind and headed to Dobbs where they took care of a nail that had embedded itself in my tire.

    After Dobbs, I ate lunch and headed to the pool where I've been working on getting 10 laps in before I start slacking. As soon as I got 10 in, I spotted a very tan man sitting in the bleachers. I nodded. It was chatty Kathleen's husband who is quite the bicyclist. I should really say that he is an ultra cyclist since he's done a century or two.

    At some point Kathleen and I, inevitably, talk across the lane dividers. After she left, I decided to see if I could get in a mile. I started to feel punch-drunk around lap 26 but I thought if I could make it to lap 28, I could gut it out. I checked with the lifeguard about the closing time and I finished with seven minutes to spare -- or 15 minutes before closure.

    When I climbed out of the pool, I felt heavy, drained and knew that I was done for the day. Good thing that I didn't have anything that I absolutely had to do. Oh yeah, my appetite was also insatiable. Can't say that I have the same appetite for swimming a mile since this marks only my second time getting it done and I'm not sure how people swim a mile on the regular. Probably through training, hunh?

    Friday, September 9, 2011

    The Deep End

    Believe it or not, the last time that I swam the front crawl from the shallow end to the deep end was in a swimming class several years ago -- when I had an escort, my swimming teacher, who pushed and pushed and knew my game.

    The game? I would always agree to try the front crawl if I were going from the deep end to the shallow end. Why? Because I knew that my breathing would sustain me until, at least, the black line where, if I got of sync with breathing, I could put my feet on solid ground again. Buoyancy and treading water never even entered the equation but drowning was certainly on my mind.

    I've been trying to get myself to swim from the shallow end to the deep end for some time now and I usually get to the deep end but using a variety of strokes.

    The water in the pool that I usually go to is quite chilly. I stand around for a while until I convince myself to submerge and, since I'm submerged, it's makes since to start off doing the front crawl which I do until I get to the black line then I pull up and resort to the back crawl, side stroke or elementary back crawl.

    I think that I felt relaxed enough and confident enough after yoga that I just decided that I was going to "finish what I started" and get from one end to the other and I did it. It felt so great and huge to make it across that black line doing the front crawl and I feel freer in the water now. My sidestroke (from left side) is also getting better.

    If I can tap into that feeling of achievement and happiness right now, it would be great because I am in one foul mood for a Friday. Not even sure where it came from and what it's about but I could definitely benefit from getting in a pool and working this out...

    * * *

    Gratuitous quote:

    You listen to me you mook. You’re in the deep end of the pool at least act like you can swim.
    from Epi 14, Season 4 of Prison Break, Scylla buyer to Don Self (24:00)

    Wednesday, September 7, 2011

    Poser Ambitions

    I had forgotten that I had a book tucked under my arm until Brandi asked me what I was reading. I showed her the cover and she almost flinched. Is it self-serving?, she wanted to know. I told her that there was a point that if I heard co-op etc. one more time, that I was going to put the book down. In addition, Dederer also dabbles in a bit of self-deprecation about being "educated, white, liberal and well-intentioned."

    Brandi told me that she was reading Half Broke Horses and that it was pretty good. Poser, I said, grew on me. Brandi said she doesn't have that much patience. If a book doesn't win her over in 40 pages, she's outta there...

    After the book grew on me, I settled in and enjoyed reading about Dederer, her career, family and childhood which she usually explored in five Child's Pose chapters.

    Perhaps because her parents are writers, Dederer's young daughter Lucy has a way with words. After the family moves from Seattle to Colorado, Lucy has a rough day at school and tells her mom:

    Thank goodness you're so big. That way I fit into your lap. (252)
    I think I feel the same way that Dederer does about yoga at home.
    Home practice sucked. The gestures and movements that were so thrilling in class seemed flat and dull when done at home alone. In class, tension hummed in the room as bodies moved in and out of shaped, failed, succeeded, breathed. There was a feeling that you were participating in a very slow but very real transformation. At home, the same movements became mere stretching exercises -- the boring part of PE. (261-262)
    At one point, Dederer shows her friend, Lisa, the handstand that she has been working on for a quite a while and Lisa, without any hesitation, kicks up into a handstand and, later on, completely immerses herself in yoga. Dederer writes: She had turned into a human parlor trick. (150)

    I can relate to Lisa (not the parlor trick part) which is why I'm on my third book about yoga. Yesterday, when I went to yoga, I, first, did my best not to look in Dana's direction until after class and, after class, she told me that she did everything to avoid my eyes during a spinal twist. Of course, the woman next to me, Dee, was funny too. She breathes heavily as if she is dispensing with loads of tension and she also finds my muttering (while trying to do a really splity pose) amusing.

    This passage also rang true:
    People think yoga is boring. This is one of the big raps against it. And it is, if you're not concentrating. If you fling yourself into the pose, and let your mind wander, and merely tolerate the experience, yoga is, in fact, extremely boring. But if you concentrate hard, boredom opens up and the pose becomes the most interesting thing on earth, in fact the only thing on earth. The more you practice dharana, the simpler the world gets. There's just you and the thing on which you are bending your attention. (152)
    If nothing else, after yoga, I feel like my body has gone from constricted to pliable. It's even more transformative than that; I feel as if I were blown glass -- heated and twisted. More viable.

    Monday, September 5, 2011

    The Gospel According to My Grandmother

    There's no way to explain the unconditionalness of it all when it came to my grandmother. She was very sweet to me but she could also be very feisty. Some of her kids would chide me for not jumping into the fray when my g'ma got extremely riled up. I told them: you all don't understand; grandma is a heavyweight champion and you all are just featherweights who don't stand a chance.

    My grandmother doing one of her favorite activities. She loved her some bluegills...

    The gospel:

  • It's so quiet in here that you can hear a mouse pee on cotton.

  • People need to think twice and speak once.

  • I'm the mama!

  • Just wait a cotton-pickin' minute.

  • I stopped by the schoolhouse door.

    Something that my grandmother would say when she thought her opinion was not being valued.

  • You've got the cow by the tail.

  • There goes the cowbell again.

    Anytime the phone would ring frequently which was often at her house.

  • You'd wear the horns off a billy goat.

    To anyone who was bothersome.

  • You're going to catch pneumonia in the ass...

    If my grandmother thought someone was underdressed.

  • If you want to get me something, give me a little piece of money. I don't want anymore whatnots, they're just dust catchers.

  • Do you want to be buried or cremated?

    Me: Cremated.

    Grandma: No, you don't!

  • Now, you have to eat something...

    My grandmother when I became more selective about what I ate.

  • I'm sure that it was nothing that you couldn't handle.

    My grandmother's commentary after I told her about how rough my week had been.
  • Saturday, September 3, 2011

    The Importance of Getting the First Route In

    Apparently, when a flash goes off, Jeremy knows it's me. I know what you're thinking but I was not all up in his face; I used the zoom.

    When I rolled out of bed at 8:45 a.m., I wondered about crazy people that hit the climbing gym at 10:00 but, once you get that first route in, the sleepiness fades and you become entertained by mothers who try to coax their kids into climbing with: You use your legs to run and play all day. You have strong legs; keep climbing.

    On The Wall

    Off The Wall -- Does this make me a dangling modifier?

    Patti, Today's Queen of Bouldering

    Patti Showing Jessica Yet Another Injury

    Jessica Playing Peek-a-boo To See What's On The Other Side of the Route

    Went to say goodbye to the pool because fall-like weather is on the horizon. Here are some pics that I took around the pool.

    I was surprised when I got to the pool because there was tree-related debris everywhere. There had been a brief but intense storm in the county which I hadn't been aware of. I debated whether or not to get in the pool with all of the debris in it but decided that there are so many chemicals in the pool that it hardly mattered. Needless to say, I had the pool to myself. It felt so right and I felt so good.

    I'm also going to miss my post-swimming bowl of watermelon that Hazira usually provided.

    It's been a good day. Hope you all can say the same...