Monday, September 26, 2011

The Lone Yoga Mat

Got home, ate a few pieces of apple while reading The Sleeping Doll and waited for 5:45 to roll around before I headed out to try this yoga class. Because of National Yoga Month, I got a pass to attend a class nearby.

As I headed to the studio, this stunned guy asked They have yoga around here?

Yes, I tell him, just a couple of doors down. He inquires about price etc. and I walk a few feet to see that the blinds are closed and the lights are off even though I'm staring face-to-face with a flyer that says All-Levels Yoga (Monday at 6). There's a lone yoga mat and block on the floor. Maybe there's a secret side entrance. I check but there's just an alley. In the meantime, I stand in the doorway with a yoga mat across my back.

I decided not to wait around. When I get home, I go to the studios' website to get the owner's email address and, just as I'm about to hit send, I see that most of the yoga classes have been canceled until November but there was no cancellation notice earlier in the day.

I'm not having very good luck with this studio. I decided to go to Community Yoga which they hold a couple of Sundays a month and, when I attempted to go, the teacher got the times mixed up.

Maybe I should have told that guy that No, they don't do yoga around here.

It sucked to try and regroup and get reenergized for exercise when I could have taken care of that immediately after work.

So, yeah, there's a cooperative bakery and an eye-catching mural but no regular yoga classes around there.

The Mural