Friday, September 16, 2011

Just Bounce It

Looking for something to do this afternoon? What about ab work? I used to avoid ab work but, now, I embrace it and since I do it more often, it doesn't hurt as much seem like such an onerous task.

I tried out Best Belly Blasters, a compilation of previous 10 Minute Solution DVDs, and made a few notes along the way.

  • Six Pack Ab Attack

  • Boot Camp like...

    For instance, after getting into an elbow plank, you then have to crawl through the mud during said elbow plank.

    The segment was tough and I had to modify certain tasks but I liked it.

  • Waist Slimmer

  • Felt like I should have earned a spot in a Cirque du Soleil production attempting some of the moves in this one. And, if you don't know it, I reallyreallyreally like Cirque du Soleil but who doesn't?

    And, by the way, I so want to do what this woman is doing.

    If I were in Seattle, I'd take a class. Please also note that clipping articles and saving them for a year is also how one becomes a mini-hoarder...

  • Belly Fat Burner

  • This segment left me with one question: Plank Bounce...Really?

    You know me -- I felt the plank bounce and did it anyway.

  • Dancer's Abs

  • I'm not a huge dancer but it's nice to do something different even though I felt coordination challenged which is always ironic because I don't think that I'm uncoordinated -- maybe I'm just not graceful. I suspect that a lot of people will like this segment for the belly dance/Bollywood-like portion of the program.

  • Pilates Perfect Abs

  • Love the overall exercise in body control and the breathing and barefootedness of it all reminds me of yoga.

  • Bikini Belly

  • No mat but choreography required for this segment. You'll also get your cardio groove in during this one.

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