Friday, November 4, 2011

I Knew It...or More Stuff People Say to Me

  • Me: I strain to hear the teacher.

    Opal: Honey, I don't even try that anymore. I just look at Dana and follow her; she's been doing yoga for a long time.

  • Me to Lifeguard: So, what are your tips for front crawling breathing?

    Lifeguard demonstrates then: I think you just need to make a goofy face.

  • You're running kind of late, aren't you?

    Lifeguard to me as I arrived at the pool at 8:30 p.m.

  • You still have time to get your workout in.

    Gentlemen to me. I got to the pool at about 7:15; it closed at 8

  • I knew it.

    A response from a friend at work who asked me if I was going to have Papa John's pizza -- provided by work during preparations for a special event. I said no.

  • What's your name? That's my sister.

    Someone would climb then belay then someone would hold Keri's baby. When it was my turn, Celeste's big sister approached me -- probably wondering who the stranger was holding her infant sister.

  • I like how when she's taking it easy, she does routes that we find challenging.

    Leah's Mike on how Leah was taking it easy by top rope climbing but still rocking 5.9's and 5.10's while nursing her shoulder.

  • Gratuitous Picture of Leah When She Wasn't Nursing Anything

  • No one wants to be up front...Even the instructor falls and he tells us not to base our practice on someone else's.

    Dana re: her crowded Sunday yoga class and how everyone wants to be in the back of the class.

  • Lisa: You make interesting moves when you climb. I just hop to the next hold. Hop like a bunny.

    Me: What's your Chinese zodiac sign?

    Lisa: I don't know: Bunny. Asshole...

    Me: (Lots of laughing)...

  • Interesting First Move or Interesting Composition -- You Decide

  • I did a century both days.

    An Upper Limits staff member who was having a conversation with Patti and me after spotting Patti's MS T-shirt
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