Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Alternative

Did I really want to go to yoga since I went yesterday?

I was sure that I could benefit from a few shoulder shrugs et al. because the day had been tedious but yoga was a bit aggravating too. Someone took "my" spot when I went to put my belongings away; someone's cell phone rang a few times and another person came to class 30 minutes after it started.

I did notice that I'm much better at one of my favorite poses. It was easier to get into and there was only slight quivering.

After yoga, I wondered if I was really in the mood to go swimming. I wasn't quite jonesing even though I haven't been in about a week.

The alternative, though, was to sit on my behind to zone out and watch Hoarders or Breaking Bad or the last episode of Out of the Wild.

I logged off, put my suit on, threw my towel, flip flops, goggles, lap counter etc. in my gym bag and headed out.

I did my usual song and dance of easing into the water by trying to warm up by standing in one spot while rubbing water into my skin which never makes first contact any easier when your forehead finally hits the water. Of course, my body instantly adjusted to the temperature and I never looked back.

There were only two people in the pool when I got there which made for a peaceful night.

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