Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The 10th Interval

I love it when Laurie gives us a choice. We could row for two minutes, do a series of push-ups, hop back on the rower, squats etc. OR row for five thousand meters. I chose the latter but as we rowed, I turned to Connor and said Did I choose this?

  • Row for 500 meters

  • Rest for one minute

  • Row for 500 meters

  • Rest for one minute

  • Repeat...

  • After about 1,500 meters, I started loosening the straps on my feet, walked around and flexed my ankles then I would strap my feet back in and row.

    I was worn out when I hit the 10th interval and my legs felt like jelly.

    As we headed out, Kerri started up with her mantra: If you can do the rowing class, you can do the regular CrossFit class.

    I haven't really talked with Kerri about any apprehension that I feel about the CrossFit class or maybe she just assumes I'm apprehensive because she's never seen me in the morning class which I'm not able to attend anyway because of work.

    I do have apprehension about the regular class and wasn't going to lie. This other woman, Marissa, said that she found rowing harder than the regular class and offered to accompany me to a regular class so that I will have a familiar face present. She normally goes in the morning but said that whenever I'm able to go, she'd make it work. I found her offer incredibly sweet...

    After BodyGO Row, I went to Trader Joe's and, since I was in shouting distance of Target, I walked across the parking lot and picked up the last two containers of mango Chobani.

    Hopped on the highway and wondered if I should join Lisa, Mike and Patti who were climbing. I decided that if my legs weren't too sore when I got out of the car, I'd go in and climb a couple of routes; I got six in before we headed out.

    Wonder what I'll do tomorrow...

    Random fact: Efficient rowing and rock climbing rely on the legs and not the arms.


    1. I <3 the mango chobani. It's so delicious. I would do all of that to eat one :)

    2. LOL...

      Sara, don't make me wax poetic about the ways that I love mango Chobani. Cherry, pineapple, strawberry/banana are good but mango rocks my world. :)