Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Odoriferous Light

Went to try out a boxing gym that's closer to me and knew when I had arrived because I had seen the building on the website. Love the building, especially the windows.

The young lady at the desk pointed out where the cubby unit was located and she also explained that people were warming up by jumping rope. After I put my gym bag away, I went back to retrieve a pair of lightweight gloves minus the fingertips. In addition, the gloves weren't nearly as odoriferous as the ones at the other gym. When I called to schedule a class, the guy did warn me that although they sanitize the gloves, some of them do still smell.

The bags at this gym are not as dense as the bags at the other gym. Therefore, I can roll my hand wraps and put them away for now...

The class was packed and when it was "go" time, half of the class went to do strength training and the rest of us boxed and kicked. I like that the class was divided into two parts.

I wasn't crazy about the strength training approach but it was okay. When I finished with class, everything that I had on was wet. Boxing seems to bring out the body monsoon.

I felt more at home at the other boxing gym but it's just not feasible to drive that distance on a regular basis.

One thing is for sure: I really enjoy boxing and I need a boxing home.

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