Friday, November 18, 2011

The Heat Sequence

Tamal Dodge says that The strap is a great tool. I couldn’t agree more. I love props whether it’s a stability ball, resistance band or a ball for Pilates and now that I’ve fallen in love with yoga, I have even more props to play with.

During the Hatha program, I enjoyed using the strap around my feet and I also enjoyed grabbing it close to my ankles for an amazing butterfly pose and even though I lost my balance and rocked backwards, I liked using it during boat pose. I also enjoyed the shoulder stretch since the strap was incorporated. Hatha felt particularly good following a day of rowing and rock climbing since my hips were intensely sore.

During the Flow program, Dodge brings the heat. He incorporates reverse warrior, baby cobra, plank, inverted bicycle and downward facing dog. I liked the chair, crescent and sun salutation sequences. This session definitely has a cardio aspect to it and I welcomed the cool portion of the program that came towards the end.

I thought that I would feel weird during yoga at home by my lonesome now that I've gotten accustomed to classes but I was wrong. It still felt good and savasana and the half-fetal positions were still quite tasty.

While the DVD says for beginners, I think most people would enjoy it. I've been going to yoga classes for about six months now and I'm starting to feel less like a beginner...

I also visited Dodge’s website and I feel like there’s a yoga retreat in my future. Hope it’s the near future.

Been to any yoga retreats? If so, which one did you enjoy the most?

*Disclosure: I received this video without charge.


  1. Alas, I won't be going on my retreat because I'm going to be traveling instead, but it's still my goal to go on one someday.

  2. Traveling is good. :)

    If I find a retreat that doesn't cost a fortune, I'm signing on the dotted line...