Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hard To Sit Out

Googled " sore...should I...exercise." Surprised that I haven't settled on a definitive answer before now.

My quads and glutes are still sore from boxing class on Monday. You would think that the yoga class that I went to immediately after boxing and the yoga class that I went to yesterday would have helped alleviate the soreness but it didn't.

I took myself to BodyGo Row class and survived but when I saw Laurie write on the board, I groaned (inside) a little. Since I don't go to the regular CrossFit classes, I haven't been lifting weights and it takes me forever a minute or two or three... to get the coordination down.


  • Two minutes of rowing (damper at four)

  • 10 Deadlifts (40 lbs?)

  • Two minutes of rowing (damper at six)

  • 10 Hang Cleans (26 lbs, Laurie referred to these as Hand Cleans?)

  • Two minutes of rowing (damper at eight)

  • 10 Catch Presses

  • Two minutes of rowing (damper at ten)

  • 20 Swings

  • Rowing Drills

  • 8 Deadlifts
    8 Hang Cleans
    8 Catch Presses
    8 Swings

  • Ab Work

  • I didn't hit myself in the face with a kettlebell while doing catch presses so I'll count tonight as a success. Looking forward to reading while soaking in Epsom Salt. In all honesty, I don't think that I was completely amped to exercise and I was looking for an out when I Googled exercising while sore but it's hard for me to sit out...

    Postscript: Tried to do a pull-up but, apparently, the bar at the CrossFit box is much higher than the one at the playground.

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