Friday, November 11, 2011


This new yogi got into a pose and wanted to know what it was called.

That's downward facing dog someone said.

If it's downward then why am I up?

I started cracking up. She was serious but it was funny the way she asked.

Dana summoned me over to her mat. She wanted me to pack up and move next to her because she was sure that the woman with stinky feet would come and "sit" next to her. But you can't giggle she said. Isn't that a backhanded invitation? And, of course, I get the urge to giggle most when someone tells me not to and how cute of Dana to think that I was so fresh. My feet had been inside of my shoes all day. Well, for feet that had been inside of shoes, they were okay.

So, I put my mat next to Dana's even though I was now in close quarters in between Dana and Caroline. I managed not to giggle except for when our teacher had us do mini-planks and cobra then commented on his student who taught the class the previous week.

He talked to the student about planks which she tried to annihilate us with. Dana said that her arms were sore for three days after plankgate...

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