Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Crossing Another Book Off The List

As I uncluttered, I went through magazines and found a recommendation for this book in O: The Oprah Magazine.

Grennan initially signs up to volunteer at an orphanage for a couple of months and really has no idea what he is getting into.

As it turns out, wondering what you're supposed to do in an orphanage is like wondering what you're supposed to do at the running of the bulls in Spain -- you work it out pretty quickly... (16)
Before I could utter a word I was set upon -- charged at, leaped on, overrun -- by a herd of laughing kids, like bulls in Pamplona. (17)
Grennan starts Next Generation Nepal and helps to reunite children (trafficking victims) with their families.

Despite the trafficking, caste system and poverty, it's a tale with a couple of happy endings and it's a book that left me wanting to make a trek to Nepal.

The book also made me remember how convenient life can be:
Other times, when the children were at school, I would go into Kathmandu to visit a simple, run-down artificial climbing wall, where one could practice rock climbing right in the city. The commute to the outdoor climbing wall took three hours, round-trip...(44)
Don't think that I would be an avid rock climber if it involved three hours of travel time for each outing.

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