Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Bread and Butter Combination

Skipped my regular yoga class in order to finally check out the boxing class at the gym that I got the Groupon for. I no longer feel right if I don't get in yoga twice a week. I did go yesterday and it was an amazing class which made me feel better about missing tonight's session.

Got to the boxing class and the teacher divided us. The more experienced boxers sparred with each other.

The newbies got to prance around on the balls of our feet before we touched the bag then we got around to what our instructor likes to call the Bread and Butter combination -- the one-two punch.

After that, we practiced the three-four (a hook on each side).

We also practiced kicking and, after working on two basic ones, we did a combo. The instructor said that the first straight kick is to make the "person" implode while the second kick should cause teetering.

I really like the roundhouse kick. You lift your knee up -- like a dog at a fire hydrant -- then you kick and hit with your shin.

So far, I like the kettlebell class better than the boxing at this particular facility. I like the way calisthenics are incorporated in the other boxing classes that I've gone to. The other classes also seem more fluid. It still felt good to hit the bag and I was definitely in the mood to kick.

Oh yeah, the instructor reminded us to breathe. He actually wanted us to call out the number for each punch and the corresponding letter when we got around to kicking. He said that when you’re holding your breath it creates unhealthy, internal pressure. I love it that I keep getting reminders to breathe...

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