Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I've Got Muscles

Checked the CrossFit schedule and noticed that an open house/open gym overlapped with BodyGo Row. I almost emailed Laurie to see if there was a mix-up but figured that we'd be just about finished with class by the time the open house started and that we didn't warrant that much attention that an open house was an impossibility towards the end of class.

The Mission

  • Row for 200 Meters

  • Eight Figure Eight Kettlebell Swings + Eight Push-ups

  • 200 Meters

  • Eight Figure Eight Kettlebell Swings + Eight Push-ups...

  • Laurie asked Keri if she was going to use the human-size rubber bands for her push-ups and she set up a bar on the weight bench for me.

    I decided, though, that eight push-ups were doable even if I had to do them slow.

    The figure eight kettlebell situation stumped me more than the push-ups.

    For our next mission, we rowed tabata style and, after that, we rowed for a minute then hopped on and off to do:

    Slams (20)
    Wall Balls (20 with 12 lb Ball)
    Box Jumps (25)
    Burpee Pull-Ups
    Sit-Ups (35)
    Ring Dips (20)
    Walking Lunges...

    I started with the box jumps because I figured that I wouldn't have the wherewithal to finish them towards the end and I was right. Next, I took on sit-ups then ring dips. While I was on the rower, Leeny (there for the open house) spotted me. Leeny was one of our coaches during basic training.

    The last thing that I worked on during that 12 minute session was wall balls and Leeny joined me -- right by my ear -- imploring me to continue. Oh. My. God. I almost fell sideways. And, for the record, it is extremely hard to quit when someone is enthusiastically, loudly and firmly urging you on.

    Laurie asked me if I was able to finish with 500 meters. I hopped back on the rower. Leeny got next to Connor pushing him to finish by a certain time. Then she came over to me to cheer me on and moved on to Keri to help her finish.

    I wished my classmates a good night and headed toward the rock climbing gym to meet up with Mike, Lisa, Patti and Erin, a newbie climber. For some reason, I feel like I climb better after rowing -- maybe it's an adrenaline thing...

    Earlier in the day, I thought about my weight -- how it's going up. I'm pretty sure that some of the gain really is muscle but I also feel the need to count calories again.

    Mike, who hadn't seen me in a while, said that I looked smaller. It was really nice to hear that today.

    And Laurie is funny. Whenever she introduces me to a new coach or another CrossFitter, she tells them that I'm strong and usually refers to my dubious kettlebell technique as proof. I don't care; I've got muscles.

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