Monday, July 2, 2012

The Golden Opportunity or The Gospel According to My Gentle Yoga Teachers

My Expression of Gate Pose, Modified


  • It's very good to do shoulder shrugs and neck rotations. In China, people do this every day. This area (neck) is the connection between the mind and body and has a lot of nerves it. If this area is tight and tense, a lot of problems can occur.

  • You have a golden opportunity to improve yourself during yoga...

  • Forehead to the Floor................ During Child's Pose

  • Be gentle with the neck...


  • This hour is about you and only you.

  • The only person that you should be worried about is you on your mat.

  • It's your practice. Do whatever you wish or wish not to do...

  • In any class that you're in, if you're tired or don't feel like doing a pose, you can go into Child's Pose -- no questions asked; it's a restorative pose.

  • Extend your leg back and curl your toes under for a yummy calf stretch.

  • I don't know of any exercise where you hold your breath except for a breath-holding contest.

  • And now we come to the most important part...savasana.

    1. All great advice...but I love the quote about savasana! Wise wise yogi!

    2. Donna is all over savasana. She often says even if you have to leave class early, make sure you take time for savasana. :)