Thursday, July 12, 2012

Everything Is Okay

Blurred vision again. Admittedly, I wasn’t in a good mood today but if my vision blurred every time I was in bad mood, I’d have the episodes more often.

Hazira put her hands in motion and did energy work for me. As soon as she finished, the blurred vision disappeared. She did ask me, first, if everything was copacetic. Because I will keep working, she said. I love it when a Healing Touch practitioner sticks around until the job is done.

I like to think that with all of the self-care that I do that the blurred vision thing won’t happen but this passage from an O Magazine (March 2012) article, The Vacation that Will Kick-Start a Healthier, Happier You, rings true:
He (personal trainer Jorge) doesn’t say that everything is going to be okay – he says everything is okay. I give the workout my full energy. When it’s over, the foul mood is gone. I have my peace back. I finally grasp that keeping it isn’t effortless: I have to work for it. And I want to…
Hazira, thanks; I appreciate it. :)


  1. Hope the vision is still good. How often are these blurred vision episodes occurring? And do they seem to be triggered by anything in particular?

  2. Mich,

    The vision is still good. I think the blurred vision is stress-related but I do need to keep better track of the episodes.

    I did go for a comprehensive eye exam and the doctor didn't see any issues...

  3. holy crap - new best mantra ever! everything is okay! that's great!

  4. Farty Girl,

    Isn't it cool? It's so simple and very calming...