Tuesday, July 24, 2012

And Breathe...

Hit the pool which was very refreshing then hit the yoga studio which was also refreshing. When I got to the latter, the class was pretty full and Sharon pointed me toward a space near the front. It’s just like church and school; no one wants to be near the front. I don’t know why. It’s not like I’m going to call on anyone.

I head to the front and get pretty close to the yoga wall. This guy – let’s call him bind guy – scooted over. Are you sure that you have enough room?, he asked. I love yogis. I also love rock climbers, swimmers and kettlebellers…

Sharon likes to frequently tell her class. And breathe. Don’t hold your breath…And breathe

As we prepared for savasana, Sharon guided us through three-part breathing which I got annoyed with at first. Fill the belly then the ribs then the chest. My annoyance melted away and my breathing got deeper.

Sharon gave us imagery of floating away on water. She encouraged us to leave our stresses on shore and said that they might be there when we got back but maybe – just maybe – the stresses wouldn’t have the same intensity or they would be gone.

I’ll watch over you. This statement moves me every time Sharon says it and it allows me to melt deeper into the mat during savasana.

Also moving -- earth salutations; I can see myself doing that sequence all the time...


  1. "I'll watch over you." I would probably start bawling.

  2. Front row anxiety ....so true! How funny! :-)

  3. @gingerzingi,

    I'm surprised that I haven't had a more intense release yet...


    I'm glad that my front row anxiety fades away almost as soon as practice starts.