Friday, July 6, 2012

Determination, Grit, Perseverance & Other Trifectas

Experienced a trifecta of deliciousness yesterday. Hung out with Hazira at the swimming pool, went home to refuel then headed out for climbing and yoga with Cindy, Kristen and Lisa.

Cindy and I, A Little Tandem Climbing on Elephant Wall

Eyes on the Climber
 Rooftop yoga in these parts in now equivalent to hot triple digit yoga. Wiser heads did prevail and rooftop yoga was moved from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

So, there's roof one and there's roof two. We did yoga on the lower roof which had more shade. It was such a nice experience practicing yoga with friends underneath the sky.

We set our mats up and Cindy, Kristen and Lisa readjusted and moved closer to the front. Lisa said that she was a dork like that and likes to be near the front. Cindy asked me if I was going to move my mat and I was like no thanks. I was perfectly fine with my back row spot. No one needed or needs to witness my awkward alignment.

I soon realized why Lisa moved up front. She did Cirque du Soleil worthy chaturangas. No need to buy a $50 dollar plus ticket to the circus when Lisa is practicing illish asanas nearby. I know, I know. You're not supposed to be a lookie loo during yoga practice but girlfriend was all up in my peripheral vision.

Lisa Rolling Up Her Mat
Sometimes, I don't know what's more challenging -- chaturangas or downward facing dog. Agatha, the teacher, got on a little mantra about grit, determination and perseverance but I didn't pay any attention to her because she did some Cirque-worthy plank bind situation.

Toward the end of class, Agatha had us in bridge which we would hold for a spell while making sure that our chins were away from our chests. As Agatha said, it's a good position for folks who work at a desk all day. After releasing the bridge, we'd close our eyes and put our hands on our bellies. Repeat bridge, release -- hands on belly. Yummy sequence. Yummy day, repeat...

Cindy & Kristen with Post-Savasana Smiles

Checking out the Arch from Roof Two


  1. Thanks for babysitting us! ;) I never before thought of myself as having "grit" but I have readjusted my stance on that. Great great times!!

  2. Well, someone had to watch out for the unruly bunch. :)

    And grit? Girl, you're gritty as all get out.