Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tell Your Body to Relax...

A long time ago in a land far away, I went to a studio specifically for a yoga wall class. When the class was canceled for a period of time, something else quickly filled the exercise gap. Well, I still had classes remaining and I had a strong urge to swim and to practice yoga. This studio had a 7:30 class that would allow me to spend time in the pool and practice my asanas too.

Sharon tunes into the class when it's start time and wants to know if we have any requests. For some reason her question makes me tear up. Seriously? People need to start asking me this question more often so that I get accustomed to it.

Tell your body to relax; you're in control. Sharon certainly knows how to set a mood.

We do earth and sun salutations. I really, really dig earth sal's and I need to do them more often at home.

Towards the end of class we use the wall. I love the sensation of doing warrior one with my foot against the wall while holding a strap. Ditto for letting my sacrum melt into my mat while my legs are up the wall. When it's shoulder stand time, I keep my legs on the wall but I definitely want to work on my apprehension of being upside down.

When we get to savasana, Sharon tells us give yourself permission to get nice and comfortable; give yourself permission to relax. Everyone took her advice as she watched over us as we snuggled under blankets and our eyes rested under pillows.



  1. Love the earth salutes as well! So grounding!

    I have never had the pleasure of trying out a yoga wall...another one on my bucket list that needs to be checked off! :)


  2. Agreed, they are grounding...

    We are so going to check yoga wall off your list. :)