Monday, April 25, 2011

The Gospel According to Melinda Frances

The gospel without preamble:

  • It’s just so quiet; it stresses me out.

  • Once the pool opens, I can swim, tan and drink.

  • Kids stress me out; they make too much noise.

  • M: I don't want to be pregnant.

    Me: Okay Jillian Michaels.

    M: Who's Jillian Michaels?

  • I want to be besties with Paris Hilton and Michelle Obama.

  • Whatever happened to being a classy lady?

  • They called me "The Hot Mess Express" in college.

  • M: I want to open a restaurant called "Street Food." I shouldn't have to go to Prague to get a fried cheese sandwich.

    Me: You can make your own fried cheese.

    M: I can make my own burrito but I still like to go to Qdoba.

  • Melinda: I was supposed to be named Veronica and I think I would have made a good one.

    Me: What do you think are the qualities of a Veronica?


  • Me: Is she nuttier than a fruitcake?

    Melinda: Mmmmmm, cake.

    1. True story: I went to a stand (night restuarant sort of) called Street Food in Santiago. I thought the name was cute because it was in English :)

    2. That's inspiring!
      Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit. :)

    3. @Sara,

      I'll tell Melinda that there's a Santiago version of *her* restaurant.

      @The Tame Lion,

      I'm glad that you enjoyed the visit. I think your "Cursing" short joke is funny; it made me laugh out loud. :)

    4. I'm flattered you think my neurotic jarble is worth sharing. Also my mom just told me who this mysterious Jillian Michaels character is.

    5. Melinda,

      I love neurotic jarble and I'm glad that your mom hipped you to who Jillian Michaels is. ;)