Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Boulderer To Another or Overheard at the Gym, IV

Note: Most of these exchanges were overheard at the rock climbing gym.

  • People who rock climb are not into comfort.

  • Brandi while helping someone select a pair of shoes during Upper Limits' Black Friday sale.

  • My toes are sound asleep.

  • Patti's commentary on her toes which were in her new climbing shoes and weighing in at about two sizes smaller than her street shoes. Brandi, LOL, helped her select the shoes.

  • Marrying you is one of the smartest things that I've done...Marrying you is probably the smartest thing that I've done.

  • Mike to Patti

  • This hurts. Boy Scout who was trying to put on his rock climbing shoes.

    It's supposed to hurt. Another Boy Scout

    Like, I can't even get my foot in the shoe...Boy Scout

  • Over Here-ah? Young boy who was trying to get input from his father about where to place his foot.

    Boy: I want to come down.

    Father: Don't look down; just keep going.

  • I'm afraid of heights, a little shorty halfway up Slabtastic, a 5.6 route

  • His father tried to convince him to continue with his ascent.

  • It's okay. It's all right. Don't worry about it. You can just climb. It's okay...

    A young man repeated this refrain to his friend who did not pass her belay test. He reassured her for quite a while.

  • Shorty (hesitant about continuing upward): I haven't been here in a while...

    Mother: I'm here. I gotcha.

  • How do I get my fat ass off the floor?, One boulderer to another...

  • Boulderers will often start a route in a seated position. That's Ryan getting ready to start a route.


    1. Oh, I didn't know that about the shoes! In my day we wore those big old hiking boots with the stiff soles, so you could get a stable footing on a tiny ledge. I only knew one guy who had climbing shoes.

    2. yeah, i remember the few times i went climbing, how squished my toes weird that it's part of the sport.
      i've never heard of the seated start position in climbing. if climbing wasn't challenging enough! :)

    3. @gingersnapper and Heather,

      I didn't know about the shoes either. Supposedly, you're able to get a better hold and feel for the rocks if you have super-tight shoes.

      I went for comfort. Also, folks tell you to get a smaller size when you get leather shoes.

      Even with my climbing shoes being the same size as my street shoes, my toes still end up being squished -- not a good feeling at all.