Friday, January 14, 2011

Sexy Photos of Older Ladies

It's Friday -- Return of Frivolity Day. To mark the occasion, I thought I'd chitchat about stats which are kind of like an accident for me. I see an accident and know that I should keep my eyes on the road lest I get into a rubbernecking-induced fender-bender.

I have a love/hate relationship with information and technology. Once, when I got a ticket, I got postcards from lawyers wanting to represent me in traffic court. Really?

And I still don't know how I feel when someone calls me back after I've decided not to leave a message.

Occasionally, the search stats amuse me and remind me of things I've been preoccupied with:

  • i got japanese peppermint oil in my eye what do i do

  • calories burned belaying

  • pickles and pinapple to lose weight

  • san diego "sausage king" preservatives

  • calories in hanuta mini

  • roadkill helper

  • drea go

  • eye

  • is moritz ice cubes gluten free

  • sexy sticktoitiveness

  • are nickers and gravy ways real

  • the unjustly punished child by sharon olds

  • "bored with the pathetic story" "it bores me"

  • 10 minute solution картинки

  • "massage my own feet"

  • sexy photos of older ladies upper body

  • Gratuitous Embellished Sexy Photo of Older 'Drea's Upper Body in Oiselle Shirt Scored from MizFit

  • sexy yoga body

  • I like the simplicity of Drea Go. If I ever change the title of my blog, I think I have the name. I'd also consider Sexy Yoga Body even though I don't do that much yoga.

    Any interesting phrases in your stats?


    1. LOL my most searched stat is me in spandex and you wouldn't believe the combination of search phrases with very colorful words for that. :)go drea go.... reminds me of the speed racer theme

    2. My stats amuse me constantly. My favorites are:
      How to drop kick a small dog
      Big Sandwiches
      Sara's Brain


      Portuguese Strippers

      On the last one...really? There are no words.

    3. Mine are funny too. I get a lot of "mean things to say to people" and "healthy cinnamon rolls."

    4. @gingersnapper,

      The current title might go when I'm in the mood for change. I also like @midlife_swimmer's Go 'Drea Go.


      Thanks for the Speed Racer phrasing which might be a title contender one day.

      Well, at least your search stats make you laugh.


      Your stats are funny too. I kinda like Sara's Brain. ;)


      OMG, I would never think that "mean things..." would appear in your stats. After all, you're so nice. :)

    5. love those stats! very entertaining!
      technology freaks me out too. it's weird that one thing we need to teach the kids of this generation, is that EVERYTHING you put on the internet is permanent. even if you delete it, it's stored somewhere and can be retrieved.
      scary when you think of all the dumb, revealing, and incriminating things kids (and adults) will put on the internet.

    6. I went and looked at my search engine phrases and they are not exciting:

      trx calories burned
      sinus foot reflexology
      progresso chicken noodle orange lump
      what to do when a ginger kid bites you
      angela pretty
      sloth cake

    7. @Heather,

      Roger that. Putting too much personal stuff out there is all fun and games until someone loses a job or worse...


      I like "what to do when a ginger kid bites you." :) That's an amusing phrase.