Monday, September 14, 2009

Old Jones: A Non-Fairy Tale

To quote Anthony Hamilton:

I'm a mess right now...
My room is too.

One of my colleagues, who is cleaning machine, said that she would help me but I would have to let her throw away stuff.

My friend, Martene, told me that it probably wouldn't benefit me to hire someone since I would need to be involved as far as okaying what to throw away.

And, finally, I told my friend Lori that I would be mortified if I died and someone saw my room in such disarray. Lori promised me that, upon hearing the news of my death, she would rush over and tidy things up so that people would have fond memories of me as opposed to frowning upon my messiness.

Guess what I've been doing? Cleaning up. Not because I'm inspired. It's the forced clean up because company is coming.

Folks, I don't stand a chance. I'm such a pack rat. I went to San Diego about two years ago where I was chasing other things besides sunsets. It is amazing how sunsets become the thing to watch when you're by the ocean. You rush to get a front row seat when it's that time of the day.

I had a serious jones for Manner of the milk chocolate variety. It's a terrible feeling when you realize that you haven't seen your jones in awhile. I saw this one store that listed milk chocolate Manner as being in stock but when I got my package in the mail, I received the chocolate cream Manner and the woman told me that it was the new milk chocolate Manner.

I didn't care if it was new or not, I didn't want it. Now, there's nothing wrong with the original hazelnut or lemon or vanilla Manner wafers but I just took a liking to the milk chocolate.

As I was cleaning up my room, I saw a piece of paper with the following information:

Sausage King
811 Washington
(619) 297-4301

I chuckled because I remembered having such a hard time finding the Sausage King. And what did the Sausage King sell? Manner wafers and, well, sausage. When I got there, though, he had chocolate cream wafers and I never found the milk chocolate ones again.

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