Monday, September 21, 2009

Surprises On The Falafel Tour

I decided to compare falafel since I had such an enjoyable greek pita i.e. baked falafel at Kaldi's. Plus, I had broken my eight month streak of not dining out and I suddenly remembered how I used to go to Natural Fact Deli for sandwiches and sweet potato chips. Imagine my surprise when I saw that Natural Fact also served baked falafel AND had the nutrition stats on the website. I was so happy that I headed over to Webster Groves but happiness turned into disappointment when I saw a real estate sign in the window. Why, oh, why do they still have their web page up?

I'm trying to be more flexible these days and I knew there was a First Watch nearby. I had breakfast there once after participating in a Race for The Cure and I knew that they had leaner breakfast fare. I went in and asked if there was any nutrition information and the guy told me that I could find it online. I shrugged my shoulders since I was sitting in First Watch and not in front of a computer but he remembered that they had some old not completely up-to-date information.

I had decided that the turkey burger looked good but when I started looking through the notebook with nutrition information, my mouth dropped. The turkey burger had 531 calories. The grilled turkey sandwich was 1,025 calories and had 2637 milligrams of sodium -- over what you should have for the entire day. There were also a lot of entrees with fat grams (54) off the chart. I told First Watch thank you and then left. I think that I'll be eating out even less now.

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