Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cautionary Tales

People were aghast by the Time magazine article Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin. The article was more of a cautionary tale for me and certainly didn't have any impact on my exercise regimen.

In catching up on my reading, I came across Time's Health Issue: It's All About Prevention, which has some great articles.

The Global Dispatch column, written by Coco Masters, focused on Tojinbo Cliffs in Japan where people often go to commit suicide. Yukio Shige, a trained counselor, provides the cool in this article since he is the one who arms himself with binoculars and watches out for the desperate. He is often able to talk people out of jumping off the cliffs and to provide follow-up service.

Other highlights included the article on the Cleveland Clinic which has a program for their employees called Lifestyle 180. Employees participate in stress-management, yoga and cooking classes free of charge. As a result, the clinic's insurance premiums are down because they have healthier employees.

I also benefited from the article A User's Guide To Good Health At Every Age. Dr. Katz recommends:
Start by opting for lots of single-ingredient foods - broccoli or salmon, say - instead of highly processed multi-ingredient products, with their long lists of additives and preservatives...
In addition, Katz has a "no excuse" approach to exercise:
Exercise shouldn't be something that we're "making time" for, he says. It should be a daily given, like sleep or eating...
If you get a chance, stop by your friendly neighborhood library and check out the June 22, 2009 issue of Time.

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