Saturday, September 26, 2009

'Drea Vs 'Drea

After waiting for the rumbling to dissipate, I headed to the pool. There are instructors, especially on Saturday, giving lessons to kids while parents sit on the sidelines. There are also some parents who take on the role of swimming instructor and teach their kids the finer points of diving etc.

At one point, I watched as this pre-teen girl (sans instructor) did lap after lap. While she was doing the front crawl, she did bilateral breathing which made me wish that I had learned to swim much sooner. It also got me to thinking about taking another swimming class or semi-private class so that I'll feel more comfortable in the water.

I found myself watching Shaq Vs Michael Phelps. You know, anything to get some swimming tips. Watching Shaq Vs just made me want a personal trainer and swimming coach though. At one point, Phelps' coach gives Shaq some tips on the freestyle (20:50). There's a medley relay in this episode and three women (two Olympians) join Shaq. The women are not slouches and it was a joy to watch them swim against Phelps (34:47).

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