Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Laughing All The Way To The Store

I was reading a post at Prior Fat Girl and got intrigued by a snack. Of course, I immediately went to the Vitalicious website to find out which stores carry the Vitatops.

Since I thought I was going to indulge in some baked falafel at Natural Fact Deli, I was closest to Straub's but I didn't see anything. I asked a manager who led me to the frozen section. I didn't know the Vitatops were frozen so I didn't taken any with me because I wasn't headed straight home.

When I get intrigued by something, I need the object of my curiosity soon. Later on, I went to Dierbergs but since I was tired, I stopped by customer service to see if they had any in stock which they did but I wished that I had gotten them at Straub's because they were a dollar more at Dierbergs but I wasn't trekking back to Straub's.

While I was waiting for the manager to get a lock on the Vitatops, I checked out a Kids BEE healthy: Better Eating & Exercise brochure. I chuckled when I read this segment in the product guidelines:

  • Vegetables may be fresh, frozen or canned and should not be fried

  • Vitatops also makes me think about this Seinfeld episode which never fails to elicit a laugh.

    I'm hoping that the Vitatops will provide just as much enjoyment.

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