Saturday, September 12, 2009

Anything Can Happen

I watched Spirit of the Marathon over at

I'm not a runner but Spirit... moved me. I enjoyed the sportsmanship, Deena Kastor's inspirational finish in a Chicago Marathon and Kathrine Switzer's groundbreaking move; using initials only, she signed up for the Boston Marathon at a time when it was off-limits to women. The race founder literally tried to knock her out of the race; what a punk...

I went swimming today and got in 20 laps. As usual, I had a reusable bottle at the end of my lane so that I could stay hydrated. Drill sergeant Judy of Bally Total Fitness fame told me how important it is to drink water while in the water. She said that you don't see it but you are sweating while during water workouts.

For those days that I am out-and-out sweating, I thank Josie over at Yum Yucky for the Pond's Gym Essentials. I really don't have a lot of things on the ol' want list these days but this giveaway was a cool one. I really didn't think that I had much of a chance but as Josie said:

Ahh, but anything can happen at Yum Yucky. Congrats!

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