Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Overheard At The Gym

Note: All declarations were made at Upper Limits rock climbing gym.

  • Gravity is gravity, a father to son.

  • I'm just gonna hang out here for a minute while I get my act together, a woman ascending a 5.9 route.

  • When you're outside, you fall further and there's enough time for adrenaline and that feeling of imminent doom to kick in. Woman discussing lead climbing...

  • I've always enjoyed slabs. A woman about to climb Heeling the Pain, a 5.10 route next to Slabtastic, a 5.6 route

  • Climber: It's hard. Belayer: Well, it's a 5.10; shake it off and chalk up.

  • Youngin: Mommy, you're a bad rock climber. Mother: That's not polite; you won't have a turn until you can be polite again...

  • That's a mental crux, belayer to climber stuck on a route.

  • It takes too much energy to rest, Burke after ascending a challenging route.

  • I just want to quit my job and play all day. John, a young climber

  • Oh, no. Not the 'C' word. Ryan to her friend climbing The Greater Good, a 5.9 route

  • Do two pull-ups. Lick the pole. An excited Ryan to her friend who made it to the top of The Greater Good

  • I laughed so hard with Ryan that she turned red. We, rightly so, introduced ourselves after all of the laughter.

    For the record, route tally for Wednesday, August 25th:

    Where the Beer Flows Like Wine, Unrated
    Grab the Jug, 5.8
    Steller's, 5.8
    Where's My Mind?, 5.8
    Hermano?, 5.9
    Pacman Revival, 5.9
    Photosynthesis, 5.9
    Scratch and Sniff, 5.9

    Overheard anything memorable at your gym?


    1. I don't do a gym, so I've never overheard interesting comments like you do!

    2. Diane,

      I can't believe that I've belonged to a gym for two years and, right now, I don't know why I still belong because I'm outside most of the time or at the rock climbing gym.

      I need to rethink my gym strategy...

    3. @Angela,

      I would love to hear what you've overheard in yoga. Or, is everyone all nice and centered and silent???