Wednesday, August 11, 2010

When A Weight Tracker Isn't A Weight Tracker

My weight tracker has outed me. It removed my snail which I thought was a great representation of how I lose weight. It also removed the high grass that the snail was traveling through.

Apparently, if you don't update your tracker for 80 days, your attention is needed.

I didn't update the tracker because progress seems minimal.

I reached a point where I had lost 60 pounds -- a major goal for me. Then, the scale quickly started moving in the opposite direction. I went from 172 to almost 180 even though I hadn't really changed my eating habits and I was am exercising like a madwoman.

I stopped tracking food too (probably for 80 days as well) which I didn't see as a big problem since I am a creature of habit. Really, if someone were stalking me, I wouldn't last long.

As I mentioned before, I knew that I had lost weight when I was out of town -- not because I stepped on the scale but I knew that I was logging quite a few miles on my feet which makes me feel like I should go back to the beginning when I was training for a marathon and I would walk, at least one day, for six miles. Sometimes I would do about 13 miles over a two day span and it didn't matter whether it was hot or not, I would just get out there.

I used to exercise for no less than one hour on the days that I was active and I think I've relaxed that criteria a bit.

I was even sitting on the fence yesterday about whether or not to go to Kate's class (Cardio and Muscle) which is hard. I didn't know if I had the stamina to make it through and wondered if pounding my body like that was even worth it. That's the mindset I get into when it seems like no change is taking place.

In the end, I decided to go to Kate's class. I was in the back of a class that has become increasingly crowded, feeling a lot like Rosa Parks and thinking that, if I got really tired, my exit would be made easier by being near the back.

Being in the back did not stop me from teasing Kate who likes to chitchat during class. She said something wild and I chuckled. Are you laughing at me?, she wanted to know. I locked eyes with her and said yes to which she replied that she would get back with me later and she did by placing 10 pounds of weight on my back during plank time...

When I was at the pool the other day my friend that I hadn't seen in a month looked at me and said that I had definitely lost weight. She went on to say that it was really obvious in my exercise shirt which she had seen me in on a previous day. I don't normally wear exercise clothes unless I'm heading to, well, exercise and I had on such attire since I bicycled to meet her.

As my friend was vocalizing her observations, I was actually thinking that I was disappointed with my weight loss efforts. My friend told me to stop it and she also said something like she really wanted to hit me which is funny because one my nicknames for her is Mother Theresa. Apparently, I am even trying the patience of saints.

For the record, I'm at about 176 right now and, please, pardon the temporary beating of the dead horse.


  1. I am beyond frustrated at my weigh loss lately but I need to realize that I am WAY more active these days than I used to be. Sometimes we need to give a lil pat on our backs and say good job to ourselves. You are one active girl over there- so high 5 on that! :)

  2. There are few things more evil than the scale. Remind yourself - the lack of numerical progress is the point where most people quit! If you keep going, eventually you're going to see change.

  3. You are allowed to feel what you feel, my friend.

  4. @TJ,

    Thanks for the high five and the pep talk.


    Being out of town was a blessing in disguise because the scale was out of sight and out of mind.

    And, yeah, I'm going keep going and I'm hoping to run into this *thing* called change.


    Thanks for the reminder...