Monday, August 2, 2010

Beauty and the Behemoth

Las Vegas is a city where the architecture is one of the main events. It's also an ode to capitalism, consumerism, consumption or any other 'c' you can think of...

Despite the C's, I was fascinated by the architecture:

While in Vegas, I noticed that little things made people happy: kids played in the pool for hours on end. Plastic cups and a hand for splashing were more popular than noodles. The older kids tossed the little ones into the water and they loved it.

Adults were fascinated by music, fire, flowers and water. Water makes a nice segue for a hotel that I loved, The Bellagio. Here are some pictures and video footage from the behemoth and beauty that is the Bellagio Resort and Casino.

(Dale Chihuly)

Bellagio Fountain, Day

Bellagio Fountain, Night

What is one of the most memorable landmarks that you've seen -- in your hometown or while on vacation? Is there something that you like to collect or see in each destination?

For me, Ellis Island left a lasting impression. Also, I used to collect magnets but I've stopped for now...


  1. I think seeing the memorials around Washington, D.C. was very moving for me. Thanks for sharing Las Vegas with us!

  2. sensory overload! it really does have great architecture and so much visual stimulation :)
    looks like fun!!

  3. @Diane,

    I haven't been to Washington, D.C. yet -- gotta get there. I hear that it is beautiful and moving.


    It is sensory overload in Las Vegas. I do have to say that it didn't bother me as much as New York and, surprisingly, I didn't see anyone lose their cool...

  4. Is that some Chihuly glass in there I see?

    I have never been to Las Vegas. I would probably only go for the architecture. :D

  5. Angela,

    Yes, that is a Dale Chihuly installation and trust me when I say that I was not doing typical Vegas stuff. ;)