Monday, August 23, 2010

On A Lighter Note

On a lighter note as opposed to the other day's heavy one, the warm weather has been turning into stormy weather and I've had several trips to the swimming pool halted but I had a relaxing time at the pool on Sunday. I had to hunker down in the water because there was a cool breeze but it was definitely nice to watch the clear blue sky and see the little birds fly by as I did the backstroke.

I saw this video, Making Waves, on NBC Nightly News and it gave me goosebumps. I couldn't embed the video but if you click on the link, you'll hear the inspiring story of two brothers, Bradford and John Tatum, who came of age when swimming pools were segregated; they now participate in senior games.

I don't know what made me shiver more -- the fact that they are still swimming at their ages (91 and 89) or the fact that they did clandestine swimming in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool.

How's that for getting your swim on -- no matter what?

Note: The photo of the Tatum brothers is by Marvin Joseph of The Washington Post.


  1. wow...I love when I see older people still being active! :) The therapy pool I go to is mostly old people (and me! lol) and some of them kick ass in the pool then when I see them get out can barely move...use a cane, or are totally hunched over. The water is where they shine! :)

  2. @TJ,

    What are you doing in that pool with old folks? ;) Just kidding, of course.

    Yeah, I've seen people with mobility issues and they are totally rockin' workouts in the pool. You gotta love the water...

  3. Wow. I'm 25 and can't swim laps...definitely gives me goosebumps too! People are amazing!

  4. Wow - what an inspiring story. I hope I'm still swimming and kicking at their ages. That is so inspiring.

  5. @Nicole, RD,

    In the laps department, I think the Tatum brothers would definitely out swim me.


    I'm hoping that I'll be kicking it up too. :)