Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Mii To Accompany Me

This is your body on 10 Minute Solution: KnockOut Body!.

This is your body on 10 Minute Solution: KnockOut Body, Wii.

I borrowed a Wii and really dug it and I still find this warning funny:

Do not use the Wii balance board if you are under the influence of alcohol.
Do people really get the urge to exercise after drinking and, if you're under the influence, would you heed the warning?

I also forgot to say how much I enjoyed the Basic Run on Wii Sports???. I'm not much of a runner but the graphics in the Basic Run are so cool that I enjoyed keeping up with a Mii and being able to cross a virtual finish line. I would run more if I had a Mii to accompany me.

After familiarizing myself with Wii, I popped in the 10 Minute Solution: KnockOut Body game in which you have the advantages of the original 10 Minute Solution DVD in addition to other workout features.

I usually went for the custom workout which features cardio boxing, mixed and step aerobics games:

And I often chose step aerobics (blue box area). Each segment is five minutes and you have to choose two in order to get the game going. During level two of step, I encountered the A step, diagonal, corner to corner (knee up in corners) and over the top moves. When I was training, I was slightly baffled by the A move which I found pretty funny since my full name starts with ' A' but, once the game got going, I magically caught on to the move.

If you look at the first box in the mixed game, you'll see a soccer ball. An example of a game there would be Defender, a dodgeball-like game which means that you get to dodge the ball. I know some people have bad memories of dodgeball but I, for one, enjoyed the game. Call it my mischievous streak -- if you want...

Training is addressed before each segment when the trainer shows you how to do the move and then you repeat it until the trainer is satisfied.

During the cardio boxing training, there were a few moves that baffled me and I got this gentle feedback: I don't know what that was but you better do it again. I also heard the equivalent of Naw, you'll get it next time. You can opt out of the training which I wouldn't advise unless you're really having problems mimicking a move or, in the case of the cardio boxing, the move is not registering all the time. I couldn't get the dodge move which involves dropping your knee to register during training but, during the actual game, I got points for successfully executing that maneuver.

In the above screen, you can select your trainer's voice. I went with the helpful voice for the longest time then got curious about the bossy one. I liked both but, in the end, I dug the bossy chick more. She said things like:

  • I'm genuinely pleased and that's rare.

  • Your corner to corner better be good (step aerobics).

  • You should be proud of those results.

  • Upon completing an exercise session, my avatar found her swagger which was eerily like mine. Just kidding. Most of the time, I'm staggering not swaggering after a workout.

    During 10 Minute Wii, you get to exercise in various settings -- the Japanese Garden and, oddly, the gym setting felt like an old friend. As the games are loading, you get food and exercise tips. The My Fitness Plan option allows you to keep track of your weight and game scores.

    I'm sure that you saw this coming -- I wanna Wii. Since I don't drink, smoke, go to the movies (I do Netflix -- one disc plan), I think that I can justify getting one or, maybe, I can convince my brother to pony up for one since he just bought my nephew a Playstation 3 and it's not even his birthday.

    Anyone ever buy a used Wii? Any suggestions for games?

    I'm all ears...

    In the post Hearsay, where I talk about my 38 day exercise streak, Heather from Perspective is Everything talked about Wii in her comment:

    i've been playing the Wii fit games with my daughter alot lately. I've actually woken up sore for 2 days in a row!
    I thought I was "too fit" to get sore from Wii games.
    I was SO wrong! Love the Wii fit games :)
    I felt the same way as Heather regarding being too fit for Wii games but, like Heather, I discovered that my assumption was not entirely accurate.

    Update on Exercise Streak
    : Today marks day 50 -- maybe I'll be able to stop obsessing and take a break.

       /əbˈsɛʃən/ Show Spelled[uhb-sesh-uhn] Show IPA
    the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc.
    the idea, image, desire, feeling, etc., itself.
    the state of being obsessed.
    the act of obsessing.


    1. I love those 10 minute solutions, I think therer are some on my netflix instant.

    2. Ugh step aerobics! That's even worse than dance for me, because my likelihood of tripping is even higher (tripping over the step, that is :)

      Day 50, that's remarkable. Will you try for 100? (I'm kidding, please don't try for 100...)

      Did you see the link for the place I used to climb? It was buried in the post with the bathroom pictures.

      too funny.
      i love how you explain your love of dodgeball with having a "mischievious streak". that made me giggle!
      i think i'd like the bossy one, too....probably just to make me laugh and so i could be bossy back to her. ;)

    4. @Nicci@NiftyEats,

      I'm a huge fan too and I love mixing up the 10 minute segments. I also like using them as supplemental exercise and there are some 10 Minutes on Netflix because I was checking out the 10 Minute Yoga one the other day...


      If you try it, you're gonna want one. :)


      LOL, don't mention 100 days to me. You know how susceptible I am and, yes, I saw the link to the rock climbing place that you used to go to and I want you to take me outdoor climbing. When are we going? ;)


      You're welcome, woman. Re: dodgeball, those were the good times. ;) I could use a game of dodgeball right now...