Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Rough Guide to Relaxation and Reentering the Rat Race

I've been on vacation for three weeks much to the shock of some folks who looked at me as if a three week vacation were a foreign concept. I should have taken vacation earlier (which is why I had quite a few days) but my timing was off then it wasn't the right time etc. etc. At any rate, I usually try to take at least two weeks off at a time.

If you can get three weeks off, I highly recommend it since, in my humble opinion, it takes almost one week to decompress. Furthermore, if you're traveling, try to travel during week one so that you can have time to recuperate from traveling.

I got a few things done during vacay:

  • Car Insurance and Maintenance Matters

  • Eye Doctor Matter

  • Floating in the Pool

  • Found Netflix DVD

  • Massage

  • Reading

  • Things that I did not get done and will not beat myself up over:

  • Uncluttering (In fact, I created more clutter and I can't find my keys right now either...)

  • Did Not Get To Spend Time With Everyone That I Wanted To Spend Time With

  • Figure Out How To Make Time Stand Still

  • Get Rid of Baggy Clothes

  • Get Tires Rotated

  • Go On Long Bike Rides (Heat-Related)

  • Handwrite Note to Former Colleague

  • Look for Recipes

  • Strip and Wax Kitchen Floor

  • As I get ready to head back into the workforce, I remind myself:

  • Be Grateful

  • Be Your Own Therapist (muy importante)

  • Breathe (also importante)

  • To Not Let Anyone Rattle My Cage

  • Just because I'm going back to work does not mean I can't devote time to things I enjoy (hello nighttime outdoor swimming)

  • No Catastrophizing

  • Remember what paid contractor said: if you have 1001 things to do -- cross of 1001 and start with one

  • Stop wishing you were rich because it's not helpful

  • Try Not To Be Uptight

  • Your carriage will not turn into a pumpkin

  • Anything to add to the relaxation rough guide?


    1. 3 weeks is a nice amount of time off, I agree! :)

      I like your list of reminders as you get ready to go back to work! especially-"Stop wishing you were rich because it's not helpful." lol

    2. Wow, you go girl!! When I was working, we were not supposed to take more than a week off at one time, because you know, that might make us happy or something awful like that.

    3. That's a good amount of time off! That's awesome! Nice list of reminders. After so much time off going back to work is not fun at all!

    4. hey-you gotta eaaaaaaaaase back into it! i HATE hitting the ground running-too chaotic.
      don't beat yourself will get done. you know it has to get done, you're aware, you'll make a plan. it'll get done.
      -just think of what Bob Marley said,
      "everything's gonna be alright, everything's gonna be alright...."
      ok-now i gotta take my own advice :)

    5. @TJ,

      I was fretting a bit so I thought it would be a good idea to have a game plan. :)


      You are funny. Yeah, a girl could get used to long-term happiness.

      @Body By Pizza,

      I need to hear that phrase as much as possible; it's helpful. ;)


      It's definitely an adjustment going back to work. No more staying in bed until I feel like it...Being off was nice while it lasted.


      I like your emphasis on easing back into it. It makes sense because I had to ease out of the tense state I was in; it certainly didn't happen at once.

      Love that Bob Marley song which I find soothing. Thanks for the pep talk. ;)

    6. Very cool post--I like how you think!

    7. @Laura I. (G.G.),

      Hi and thanks. This year has been all about the ‘Dreaissance -- trying to be kinder to myself and others in addition to a few other lofty goals... :)