Saturday, August 7, 2010


I'm on an exercise streak. Today marks my 38th day of exercise. I know that I should rest but, if an exercise opportunity presents itself, count me in.

I have at least one regular exercise (rock climbing) partner with whom I have a semi-set schedule and I try to keep that commitment. Otherwise, my sole commitment is to myself. I'm not really trying to prove anything. Or, am I?

I went to this step class that I can't go to often. I really like the teacher and, to my surprise, she was out with a hip injury and when I went rock climbing a few days ago, this youngin' was bouldering and fell awkwardly -- two of his buddies had to lend a shoulder. So, I know that I need to be careful but... Also, I do feel extremely fortunate that my body has had phenomenal staying power.

It was nice when I recently got feedback from three people:

  • My friend that I hadn't seen in a month told me that I had definitely lost weight.

  • My friend's friend's husband told me that each time he sees me I am thinner and thinner.

  • Mike, one of my belay partners, that I haven't seen in about three weeks told me I looked more toned.

  • I am pleased to report that the scale says I've dropped three pounds. I knew it was going to move because I was walking, at least, four miles a day in Las Vegas. Plus, I swam a couple of mornings as well. It's the same thing that happened in New York when I got it in my noggin to start this journey. Apparently, the key to losing weight is to go on vacation, not get a rental car and walk until your feet smart...

    I went rock climbing today and I was able to ascend four 5.9 routes. I'm so happy with that accomplishment. Patti climbed two 5.10 routes and Mike feels as if he's turned a corner with his climbing. So, we are all improving.

    I went and got another massage after rock climbing since I've been going at it so hard. In between working out, I've also made stretching a priority.

    I went to a different massage therapist and, when it was over, she told me that I have an inflamed left spinal something or other. I told her about the small remnant of the injury that's left and she wanted to know why I didn't mention it. I did put it on the info sheet but I don't think anyone really looks over those thoroughly. I didn't verbalize it because the injury seems so minuscule and because, hey, I can do the backstroke again. Can't do the table pose but considering how the shoulder was bothering me before, I feel so grateful that it doesn't feel yucky now.

    I ate out again. Seems like I have another streak going. I promised this volunteer at work that I would go to Sweet Art with her before she leaves.

    I decided to try the Sweet Burger which has a note underneath it on the menu that says it's the best veggie burger in town. There's also a chalk board that says they don't have high fructose corn syrup, chemicals that you can't pronounce or anything else that's bad for you in their food.

    (Inside the Veggie Burger)

    The Sweet Burger is, indeed, the best veggie burger that I've had in this town.

    I heard that the cupcakes are good too but that's just hearsay since I didn't indulge.

    Route Tally for August 7th:

    The Seven, 5.7
    Grab The Jug, 5.8
    Where's My Mind?, 5.8
    "Light," 5.9
    Girl Power, 5.9
    Hermano?, 5.9
    Pacman Revival, 5.9
    Stratch and Sniff, 5.9 (aborted midway)

    Strategy overheard at the gym: Climb smart at the bottom and quick at the top.


    1. Great job on your STREAK! YOU GO GIRL! :)

      I love getting compliments when I see friends/family makes me feel good! :)

      MMM that veggie burger looks DELICIOUS! YUM!

    2. Congrats on your exercise streak! That's freakin awesome! :)

      Compliments are the best. You know you are doing well already but they just validate that feeling.

    3. Streak on! Congratulations. I'm glad that people are giving you compliments - you deserve it!

    4. Fantastic! I'm impressed by your staying power with the exercise. I think making it a habit and just a part of your life is key. Also, rock climbing? You're a rock star. I've never done it and can't imagine wanting to. But I admire that you're doing it!

    5. @TJ,

      Thanks. :) I definitely need to find a recipe for a good veggie burger. I know that there are, at least, carrots and lentils in the one at Sweet Art.


      Thanks. :) It is nice to get feedback especially when you feel like you're in a rut.


      Hmmm, that might become my new motto: Streak On -- not quite *just do it* but I like it... :)


      Thanks, woman. I didn't think that I would like rock climbing either. My pursuit of it actually reminds me of that Peace Corps slogan: the toughest job you'll ever love. If you ever change your mind about rock climbing, let me know. :)

    6. wow-what great compliments! that has to be the best motivation, aside from feeling good.
      just remember to not feel guilty when you do take a break for a day or 5 ;)
      i've been playing the Wii fit games with my daughter alot lately. I've actually woken up sore for 2 days in a row!
      I thought I was "too fit" to get sore from Wii games.
      I was SO wrong! Love the Wii fit games :)

    7. Heather,

      A big thanks for the reminder which I know that I'll need about the guilt thing. I'm just trying to figure out how you knew...

      Re: Wii, I had similar feelings but the hula hooping definitely challenges me. I would also put some of the step routines in that category as well...