Friday, August 27, 2010

Walking On Eggshells

My friend that I work with had quite the laugh as I walked down the stairs as we headed to lunch. I was walking, as she said, on eggshells.

Monday: Rock Climbing
Tuesday: Cardio and Muscle Class (I told Kate that she does not know her own strength.)
Wednesday: Rock Climbing = eggshell walk

I went to get a massage because life is short I've been trying to maintain my exercise pace.

I tried someone new but, as luck would have it, a mere 30 minutes before the appointment, my soreness evaporated, poof. I was in complete disbelief...

New therapist: Is the pressure firm enough?

Me (verbally): Roger that.

Me (internal train of thought): If she is capable of a firmer touch, I can't handle the truth.

Therapist: Relax your head.

Me (another train of thought): So frustrated that I couldn't relax my head or breathe deeply for that matter. I felt like I was literally fighting for control of my head but was powerless to surrender.
I think I was so tense because I didn't know what to expect since, of course, everyone has their own way of doing things. In addition, for someone stubborn and who insists on doing most things for herself, letting someone else takeover is hard. In addition, as the friend mentioned above would say, I'm too serious.

Newbie told me that she doesn't talk a lot during massages which is always fine with me because I don't talk during massages either and I'm not talkative in general. In fact, I could easily go to an isolated place and be a recluse meditate.

So, this new therapist is cool and has an eclectic massage style. While other therapists proudly note that they've worked for Cirque du Soleil, she's like Cirque du Soleil; there's the main stage and, then, you're liable to catch someone climbing a suspended ladder in your peripheral vision. What I really mean is that I recognize excellence when I see it.

At the end of the massage, she thanked me. Are you kidding? I should have been the first one to press the gratitude button but she beat me to it. I think I'm gonna stick with this one and not because she said thanks but because of the way she said thanks, because I felt profoundly taken care of, the pressure was perfect and the hour felt long. In addition, I got extremely good vibes from her. Reason enough don't you think?

If you get massages, do you have a hard time relaxing at first? Do you have a hard time relaxing in general?

I'm out -- gonna attempt to get in touch with my frivolous side.

Quote of the Day: Not all therapy is relaxing, but all relaxation is therapy....Paul Ingraham


  1. Interesting. I've never had a massage! I don't know how I would react to it. I had a pedicure ONCE and I absolutely hated it. It was physically uncomfortable, and also I just didn't like someone touching my body who wasn't either a lover or a doctor. I dunno, I don't have any in-between experiences, I guess.

    I need a frivolous side too. A friend told me yesterday that I was "a rock" and "not cold, exactly, but..." That's so funny to me, people apparently have no idea what's going on under the surface! I'm a seething torrent of emotion!

  2. I love massages, but you're right, it's hard to let go. And I always want to try to take care of them, because that's my personality. But I have learned to say, you know what? I'm interfering with her job, so I'm going to relax and let it flow.

  3. @gingersnapper,

    I know what you mean. Also, I don't think I'll ever get a pedicure because my feet are just too dang ticklish.

    Re: your friend, her explanation is funny. Maybe she also meant that you're solid as a rock and she can count on you all the time. ;)

    By the way, I'd take a rock over someone that's inauthentic any day.


    It's amazing the activities that require relaxation. When I started taking swimming lessons, I wasn't able to float until I made a conscious decision to relax; I'll have to remember that...

  4. I've never had one, but I think I would have a hard time relaxing. I was thinking when I was reading your post "How do you relax your head!" Just kidding!

    I'm glad you found one you like - sounds perfect.

  5. @Diane,

    Since you think that you'd have a hard time relaxing, you'd probably fall asleep... ;)

    And, yes, it is so good to find goldenness.