Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An Imaginary Hoop Around My Waist

I've always wanted to check out the Wii Fit and since I was given a 10 Minute Solution Wii game to try, I asked Kate or Katy if I could keep her Wii for a spell.

This situation comes with a lot of parts and I wondered whether or not I would be able to get the whole thing going but it really wasn't difficult at all.

Wii told me that I was obese. Thank you, Wii. My fit age is 27. So, ha, right back at ya.

I was all over the place on my first Wii outing: I did the tree pose. I bowled and boxed. I stepped and I kept an imaginary hula hoop going around my waist. Although I did get hit in the head by at least two flying hula hoops, I really enjoyed keeping the hoop twirling.

I also liked boxing but it was disconcerting when I got hit. Yeah, I liked to deliver the punches but I didn't like to be on the receiving end of any.

The thing about 24 hour fitness clubs (especially ones with gymnasiums and hot tubs) and the Wii is that both entities have the capacity to capture my attention for a good portion of the day which is a good thing, kind of, unless you get obsessed with stuff like me.

Here's the Wii and its parts all ready to go back and since Kate or Katy has not emailed me, I think I got everything back in the box. Thanks, girl, for letting me keep your Wii for awhile. It was fun while it lasted...

In general, I really dig this segment over at The Wall Street Journal called What's Your Workout? where, usually, a CEO is interviewed about his or her regimen.

Heath Bell was featured and the pitcher revealed that he lost 25 pounds doing Wii workouts. The pitcher also credits Wii for helping him with balance.

Do you have a Wii? If so, what's your favorite Wii game or activity?


  1. we have Wii fit and i like that hula hoop game, too.
    i also like some obstacle course game, i can't remember what it's called though.
    p.s. India.Arie's song "video" DOES indeed have a super awesome message. LOVE it :)

  2. We just got a Wii this summer. We don't have the Wii fit though. The kids like the sports game that came with the system. I'm good at tennis and terrible at golf!

  3. That Wii is a dumb azz. Does it not know that you scales walls? Hurrah on your fit age!

  4. @Heather,

    Someone told me about that obstacle course situation which sounds like fun.

    Re: India.Arie, now I can't stop listening to it...:)


    I didn't get around to trying tennis but I tried baseball and golf and golf was not my strong suit...

    @Yum Yucky,

    You should have seen the way the Mii looked when my BMI registered as obese. Clearly, the BMI parameters need to be redefined. ;)

  5. I'm a couch potato by nature and Wii Fit Plus is my exercise of choice. I can get myself to do it on a regular basis, when I could never get myself to the gym. I like the obstacle course, I love the tilt table, these days I've been doing the segway a lot and I like snowball fight, which is supposed to help the abs, somehow. I went on vacation and sort of fell of the Wii Fit wagon--my goal this month is to get back to doing it daily (or at least 5 times a week).