Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feeling the Heat...Best Of..The Rules

Lately, I've been listening to Whitney Houston and it's funny when I Wanna Dance With Somebody (I wanna feel the heat...) comes on before Hot Yoga and I, purposefully, play it's Hot in Herre but there are times when I really do think: Dang, it is hot in here. Duh. The temperature does vary from class to class but I think all of the bodies generated even more heat. It was a bit of a TKO tonight but here are some rules to help you negotiate the Hot Yoga ring:

Rules According to Bridget

  • Come on. You all know the drill. Feet together. Fingers together, even thumbs. Palms toward the mirror.

  • Breathe through the nose; mouth shut.

  • The body follows the gaze.

  • This is all lower back (cobra pose).

  • Your face should look like a Zen monk's. Just because the body is working doesn't mean that your face should be...

  • Rules According to Cindy

  • You're not on a bar stool. You're in a straight-backed chair.

    During Chair Pose

  • Eyes open so that the body still knows that it's working.

  • You can do anything for 60 seconds.

    During Plank 1 and Plank 2

  • Rules According to Jeremy

  • Pull that root bond in. Pull that belly bond in.

  • Hands always open to receive. You never know when you’re going to get a million dollars.

  • Guys, you're constantly moving in these poses.

  • Get your lean on.

    During Eagle Pose

  • Rules According to Val

  • And they had smaller coffins back then so arms closer to the body.

    During Corpse Pose

  • Chorus

    Cultivate that Ujayii breathing...


    1. I like the smaller coffin thing!

    2. @Miz, Healthy Heather & gingerzingi,

      The HY crew of instructors is a pretty engaging bunch. :)