Monday, March 5, 2012

Don't Apologize

As I headed to class, I thought fondly of the boxing studio that had lots of boxing bags but the studio is too far away to go to on a regular basis.

I kept thinking I'm a bag girl not a sparring one.

There were seven of us in class and guess who Lee pulled out the bag for? Yes, moi. I worked the bag for about 25 minutes and then I had to spar with this woman who's been boxing for a while. I felt bad for her because it's hard for me to keep up with combinations let alone keep up while someone else is punching and kicking and knowing which way to turn the shields. At one point, my body was all kinds of contorted.

I grew quite fond of body shots while I worked the bag but when I sparred, I really liked the jab and double kick but my favorite had to be the combination of the jab (left), cross (right), hook (left) and kick (right). I got into a really nice tempo with that combo.

During one kick, my foot went right through the middle of the pads and towards my partner's side. I told her that I was sorry and she said don't apologize. My sparring partner is about 15 years my junior but I learned a lot from her tonight. In addition to being super encouraging, she was such a good sport about being paired with a rookie.


  1. You continually amaze me with your athletic abilities. Wow! My daughter took a Karate class and now wants to continue on with the martial arts - such a good thing to do. And boxing? Amazing!

  2. Diane,


    I think that I was made to box. Now, I just need to find a way to fit boxing into my schedule more often. :)