Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tuning Into Jeremy's Mantra

I headed out early because Hot Yoga classes have been crowded but lots of people must have been prepping for the St. Patrick's Day parade in Dogtown and downtown because there were eight people in class and twelve in the earlier one.

At first, I thought about what a tiny group we were and how I was going to miss the usual chorus of breathing but a butt-kicking is still a butt-kicking and after a while, I started concentrating on standing bow pose and balancing stick etc.

Funny that Jeremy's mantra today was watching the breath; stay in the moment because I did have a hard time staying in the moment. When we got to the halfway mark, I knew it and focused on it because halfway wasn't good enough for me at that point.

After cobra pose, Jeremy put his foot on my sacrum and I thought, Oh, shit; he knows that I've called him a Yoga Nazi but he didn't do me in; instead, he provided a bit of Ashiatsu massage.

Jeremy also told us that our breath is communicating with muscles which allow us to go deeper into poses. He went on to say that we want to have deep (and not shallow) conversations; I couldn't agree more.

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