Saturday, March 24, 2012

That's Why They Call It A Practice

Not sure if someone fell asleep while standing up but Jeremy made a point of telling us to keep our eyes open even if we were in the upright position -- That way, I know that you're still alive.

He also wanted us to keep poses alive by remembering to breathe.

I got straight up called out during eagle pose. I usually take a break during this pose and that's when I heard:

Jeremy: Can you do the crossing part?

Me: My shoulders are tight.

Jeremy: And that's why...
Several of us laughed and I definitely felt busted. How did he know that I wasn't "resting resting" in mountain to pace myself?...

Jeremy gave some good demonstrations. Before standing bow, he pointed out how your shoulder should be behind your head and then posed textbook-style.

During downward facing dog, he said to make sure that your biceps are by your ears, a really helpful pointer for me.

And at some point, he reminded us that falling out of poses etc. is why it's called a yoga practice, a nice reminder to hear since it makes me more willing to try poses that I feel are beyond me and, really, there are many poses that I subconsciously forget about until we get to them and then I groan but I try (most of) them anyway...

  • Bow

  • Camel

  • Half Tortoise

  • Standing Head to Knee

  • Camel, in particular, bothers me when I'm trying to do it AND when other people do it but, hopefully, I'll make peace with the pose eventually.

    We lost one today (heat-induced migraine?) and then Jeremy took it out on the rest of us since he doesn't like it when someone has to leave the room. No knees on the floor during plank and we held the various positions on at least one yogi sit-up for a double count. Ouch.

    Beginning Position for Half Tortoise...Forehead Should Get to Mat First and Hips On the Heels but That Hasn't Happened for Me Yet...

    Also, pretty much at a stalemate with the losing weight thing but I like, for the most part, how my body is looking right now.


    1. As my meditation teacher always says, if we could do it perfectly already, we wouldn't need to do it at all :-)

      You work hard!

    2. Dale,

      Thanks for sharing the words of your meditation teacher; it'll be nice to reflect on them...