Monday, March 12, 2012

Finish It

Despite forgetting to keep my hands up, not quite getting the proper hip rotation on kicks, dog paddling instead of properly punching and retracting and despite not being the best sparring partner by forgetting to call out speed punches or power punches to my partner, I feel like I was made to box.

There were only four of us in class and I almost took a detour to walk because it's so freakin' nice outside but I'm glad that I went to class instead. The hour went by so fast...

I kept forgetting which hand to start punching sequences with and Lee said start with your left -- it's like using your pawn. I don't play chess so I don't quite get the reference.

My favorite combo of the night, although it took me a while to get it, was the jab, cross (switch leg) knee then (right) kick. I love side kicks and the shields don't feel as awkward so Rachel, my sparring partner, was able to get off some powerful kicks (and punches) without being hampered by any awkward positioning on my part.

We usually do three minute bouts and when I heard the timer go off once, I stopped dead in my tracks and Rachel was like finish it; there are so many reasons to like this woman... She also showed me how to get more bang for my buck with my uppercut. I cannot tell you how good it feels when you put some power on a punch...

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