Friday, March 2, 2012

The Magic Shorts

I'm addicted to workout clothes -- might as well face it. I hardly look for regular clothes anymore.

Couldn't resist getting this yoga towel.

I've been stalking yoga towel auctions on Ebay. Went to Marshalls to get a new yoga mat and, possibly, shorts and was delighted when I looked in the bin of yoga mats and spotted towels on sale for $10 dollars. And, yes, I do use regular towels for Hot Yoga but I've been jonesing for the real thing.

Also found a pair of Aspire shorts, priced at $7.99; I find them aesthetically pleasing and they fit well.

I've been searching for Aspire clothing since I found the most wonderful pair of Aspire yoga pants about a year ago.

I also got a pair of underwear because, apparently, I have a thing for underwear too. The jones actually comes in handy because it sometimes takes me forever to get around to doing the laundry.

And now for the magic shorts but first a little background. Hazira and I have a running joke about a magic purse because whenever she goes to Bosnian, she goes with a lot of gifts; it's a culturally-appropriate must. Because space is limited, she'll stuff things inside of other things, even a purse, to maximize space. I called it a magic purse because there were at least five items inside of one during her last trip.

Zone 1, Specially Formulated to Handle the Heat and Transport (haha) Moisture Away from the Skin

Someone else that I know, a Kenyan, told me that it's not the price of the ticket that gets you; it's the cost of the gifts. This same person had me cracking up when she told me that her visiting sister tried to take many things back to Africa, including a bag of Doritos that she crushed into tiny little pieces in order for the bag to fit in her luggage.

Mentioning the magic purse makes me think of my trek to the former Yugoslavia. More than missing the international travel, I would love to see this lady again, my lovely host in Zagreb.

Disregard Rick Steves when he says travel (abroad) as if you'll visit again in a few years. For me, a few years has turned into an eon.

What’s your workout gear weakness?


  1. I love wearing yoga pants....but I don't do yoga. lol :)

  2. T-shirts, definitely t-shirts. Preferably from EliteFTS, RangerUp or with some pro 2nd Amendment message on them.

  3. I love clothes - in general! But, I like workout clothes too...I just a few new tops (bonus they are super cute too)!

  4. @Tracey,

    They are comfortable, aren't they? :)


    I just checked out EliteFTS and RangerUp's websites. They do have some really cool (and funny) stuff. I kind of dig that "Fear No Evil" t-shirt on RangerUp. There's a lot of stuff that I dig on both sites. Must stay away...

    @MS. Bad Mama Jama,

    For regular clothes, I really do need a personal shopper. I don't even know where to go in the story anymore but when it comes to workout clothes, I don't need any help at all...