Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Don't Let Your Mind Write Stories That You Can't Handle or Month-End Review, February

Got an email from Patti to say that she missed me even though we were in the climbing gym at the same time last night. There were six of us and even though we played musical partners, Patti and I never partnered up...

Later on, I got an email from Crystal asking Patti and me if we were going to Hot Yoga. We can't talk in class but it was nice to know that at least one of buddies would be in the room.

Jeremy, one of my Hot Yoga instructors, had the line of the night when he expanded on a Cindyism and told us not to let our mind write stories that we couldn't handle. As we did a version of seated forward bend, Jeremy told us to give 110%. That's what you came to class for -- to give a 110% not to lalalala around.

Hope that you gave 110% during some of your February workouts...

10 Minute Solution: 5 Day Get Fit Mix

  • Cardio Kickboxing, 4 x's

  • Give Me 10!

  • Bonus Kettlebell ToneUp, 3 x's

  • Yoga Stretch & Flex, 2 x's

  • Kettlebell 101, 4 x's

    Kickboxing Class, 1 x

    Rock Climbing, 3 x's

    StairMaster, 1 x

    , 6 x's

    Walking, 6 x's

    Wii, 4 x's

    Yoga, 10 x's


    1. I certainly gave it 110% in several of my works...And at least one 70%... :)

    2. I did too! My calendar is chock full of smiley face stickers for nutrition and workouts. :) Here's to an even better March *clink* :)

    3. @Ms. Bad MJ,

      LOL. Yeah, there are definitely days when I go through the motions.

      @Healthy Heather,

      Kudos on earning those stickers. *Clink* :)