Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Yoga Part of the Book

I thought this book was fun -- not heavy and not too light and it's the kind of book that I like to take on vacation. Guess that I had a little vacation ambience for the 15 minutes that I like to read before work in the morning.

A part of the book that made me smile is not related to yoga because I'm totally not immersed in yoga right now. Nope. Definitely not...

I am deep in this thought when our yoga instructor, Conrad, makes the mistake of trying to adjust my triangle pose...Conrad simply lays his slim, pale hand on the small of my back, attempting to shift my weight a slight bit forward. And without thinking, in one swift move, I grab his arm and pull his entire body up and through the air. The next move in this series would have my knee on his throat and my gun to his head...(pg 121)
Can't wait to read the next Sally Sin installment and can't wait to get my hands on another book...


  1. Bwaahaa! I can totally see you doing the same thing. Have you thought about getting a PI license and a concealed carry permit?

  2. First, I need a few lessons before applying for a permit. ;)

    It would be so satisfying to make someone sail through the air. Maybe I can take out my frustration during a few sessions of Wii boxing and/or Wii snowball fights.