Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Like Our Broke Yoga Teacher...

Walked into the studio and was surprised to see Crystal and Patti since I didn't spot their cars. I keep forgetting that Patti's in a rental since she had an encounter with a deer and Crystal had her car parked off to the side.

People were situated oddly in the room and to be by Crystal and Patti, I would have had to position myself front and center which I didn't want to do. So, I walked to the back of the room and the next thing that I heard was chicken sounds and when I turned around this woman (whose name I still don't know) was flapping her arms. She so caught me off-guard but I thought it was funny as hell.

Patti and Crystal were nice enough to shift their mats which placed Crystal front and center which is a good place for her to be because she really looks like a soaring bird when she does eagle pose.

I flashed my towel at P & C -- not sure what made me do that.

Made them laugh plus chicken woman and I had to leave the room while trying to control waves of laughter especially when chicken woman asked me if I had the south butt towel too.

Cindy, our instructor, didn't help either. She was on roll. While we were doing half tortoise, she told us to hold our hands together as if we had a dollar bill between them and like our broke yoga teacher wanted to take it.

Hot Yoga was hard but the camaraderie, laughter and good instruction sustained me.

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